Tour: Inflation at the end of the year may reach 33-39%

Commenting on the situation prevailing in the country, Deputy Economy Minister Andrei Tur admitted: "The situation is quite complicated." On Tour, now in Belarus, 5.2% are considered poor. Towards the end of the year, this figure could rise to 10%.

"The sharp devaluation triggered inflation. And quite serious. If trading band will remain at around 12%, by the end of the year inflation could reach 33-39%," — said the tour, speaking at a joint session of the National Assembly.

Tour said the government is committed to the end of the year to maintain the level of real purchasing power of salaries and scholarships. "It is not about how to enlarge them, but at least keep them "- explained deputy minister economy.

The official said that during the meeting with the Alexander Lukashenko the government will not raise interest rates to offer first-class fare, not to increase the gap paravakavats meanwhileand who earn more and those who have less.

Also, the government will propose to include "indexing", which by the end of the year may reach 130-170 thousand rubles per person.

Andrei Tur said that the next time pensions and stipends will be increased in September.

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