Tracked armored G5

Tracked armored G5

At the end of February at the international exhibition of armored vehicles International Armoured Vehicles German company FFG Flensburger Fahrzeugbau introduced a new crawler APC G5. The company is a former tank repair by the People's Army of the GDR and practiced in the production and repair of armored vehicles from the 60's of the 20th century. Secured experience with this type of technology allows for the modernization and development of new models of armored personnel carriers.

Armored troop-carrier — combat tracked vehicle that is designed for the transportation of troops in the front line, increasing its mobility, security and weapons on the battlefield in the criteria for the use of nuclear weapons, and joint action with other tanks in the battle. Usually, the BMP has differences from APC, consisting of the best body armor and more than superior firepower, although the currently developed version of the BTR, which are placed on the base of the tank, so that the difference between the tracked infantry fighting vehicles and armored personnel carriers on the protective properties of virtually inconspicuous.

Crawler armored troop-carrier G5 was designed as machine with the introduction of an embedded into the design of specific parts of the tracked vehicles that enhance safety performance of roadside bombs and mines. These elements have found a use for its modern wheeled vehicles such as MRAP. The main feature of the armored corps G5, is the bottom, tilted at a small angle and reinforced armor plates. The introduction of such structures can reduce the force of the explosion, scattering shock waves on both sides of the case.

Tracked armored G5

At this point company FFG Flensburger Fahrzeugbau performs elaborate tests of the prototype demonstrator made G5, the creation of which, according to unconfirmed reports, funded by the Ministry of Defence of Germany itself.

Armored G5 appears as machine with a modular design that allows on this basis to create a huge number of machines of ambiguous purpose and modified with different levels of reservation. It is planned to make models of several options for sporting equipment and switch to the conveyor supply in case of such necessity. Reported high rates in the base level of ballistic and mine protection, although some technical properties were not disclosed.

The combat weight of the basic machine equals 25 tons, the troop compartment has a volume of 14.5 cubic meters. It is possible to take on board up to 6.5 tons of load. It is mentioned that the machine can be placed inside 12 people, although in the present prototype demonstrator has space for 2-crew members and eight seats for the landing, which are located in the Ex-accessible. Provides a large amount of freedom for the paratroopers inside the armored vehicle that will allow to bring on board the "gadgets" large size, is also comfortable to use this space to transport the wounded.

Tracked armored G5

Crawler APC G5 equip placed in front of a diesel engine, which has an output of 560 hp and is able to develop a very acceptable speed on the highway, which is 72 km / h with the current progress of the supplies for 600 km. Chassis is the latest development FFG Flensburger Fahrzeugbau and has a 6 rollers on board, grouped by 2-blocks of three rollers each. Rollers (and, apparently, some other parts of the chassis) are borrowed from the Leopard 1. Suspension rinks — torsion bar, hardpoints mounted hydraulic spring. Also in the latest model used rubber tracks from a U.S. company Soucy Track. The relevant feature of these rubber tracks is their soft, accurate impact on the pavement and very little noise effect. Because of these 2-causes of urban criteria significantly more profitable use of their armored vehicles on rubber tracks. When the ready tracks used modern materials that allow lower levels of vibration technology for rubber tracks for more than 80%. This in turn reduces wear as the main aggregates and machinery components, which reduces the costs associated with performing maintenance.

It should be noted that it is a glazed cab drivers causing some confusion among professionals.

Representatives of the company FFG Flensburger Fahrzeugbau said that enthusiasm for the G5 models are already showing the Army 2-European states. Previously, the company FFG Flensburger Fahrzeugbau did upgrade for most European countries (namely, Denmark) model M113 tracked armored personnel carriers to the development of a new version of a major upgrade of the model M113 with a significant increase in protection, denoted as Waran, the enthusiasm which immediately appeared in Denmark and Australia.

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