Tremors from the earthquake felt in Georgia in Russia, Armenia and Azerbaijan

Residents of Russia, Armenia and Azerbaijan on Monday morning felt tremors from the 5.8 magnitude earthquake that occurred in eastern Georgia.

According to the Georgian Seismic Monitoring Center of the State University of Elijah, the earthquake occurred on the east of the country near the town of Dedoplistskaro. The epicenter of earthquake was located 1 km from the village of Zemo Kedi and 22 kilometers from Dedoplistskaro (Kakheti region).

According to reports, in turn, U.S. and Chinese seismologists, the epicenter of the earthquake, recorded at 8:40 MSK, was in the territory of Azerbaijan, 14 km from Zagatala.

According to the regional emergency department, the earthquake tremors felt residents of the Republic of Dagestan in Russia. In the Armenian earthquake was felt in Sevan, Vanadzor, Artashat, Ijevan, Armenia.

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