Two-faced foreign policy of the Russian Federation

Two-faced foreign policy of RussiaThe situation that has developed in Libya, it is possible to outline only as a dramatic event in the life of the people of this country. But, generally, particularly in situations manifest the vitality and viability of foreign governments that their lack of will could prevent so tragic consequences. In this case, the question of our native Russian government, which in its own external policy has shown any lack of pragmatism, balance and rationalism. First, you can recall the adoption of UN Security Council resolution on Libya, which is almost officially authorized the Air Force coalition of Western states to put missile and bomb strikes on the Libyan towns under the pretext of a peacekeeping mission. Our homeland has shown the absence of any common sense, and their silence is almost approved the adoption of the resolution.

Clearly, in this situation, the Western media will glorify their own favorites and all the blame for what has happened to shift to the despot Gaddafi which years of destroying its own people. On the western version of the situation, the Libyan people rose up to fight for freedom and democracy, and Air Force planes coalition only support legitimate democratic right of the people. TV screens behold the citizens of Western countries only traces of criminal activity Gaddafi and his characters, who help all people. Surprisingly, in the near future to hear the claim that Western countries are only at the request of Arab States. Realizing that in this case, NATO has gone too far, his bureaucrats try what ever way we can throw the blame on anyone. It's amazing to hear it from the mouths of people who have half a year back Gaddafi called his friend and equal partner. Yet only recently Sarkozy solemnly perceived by means of elections, and Silvio Berlusconi, and the addition of more — kissed the hands of the "leader of the Libyan revolution."

Now let's look at who in the media of the Western States is represented as a despot and a tyrant, but we'll see without bias and only on the basis of established facts.
During his own reign of Muammar Gaddafi managed to build a strong economy government, that, of course, had an impact on the living standards of the population, and we note in a positive way. Gaddafi is not only self-educated man, and supporter of the educated civilization. In his government to implement programmke of mandatory education is Fri. For time despotic rule Libya has entered the first place among the states of the African continent in terms of education. Gaddafi was able to lead the country out of the protracted crisis in which she was in over the years, he has managed to not only make the oil, and organized its proper implementation, which brought into the treasury of the country billions of dollars.

And now let's see who rebelled against Gaddafi, who the rebels were tortured and downtrodden, who can no longer live under the control of the aging colonel. To begin with a little history. Gaddafi came to power in Libya as a result of the revolution and the overthrow of the pro-Western King Idris. Western countries have long time regretted that the puppet regime was overthrown, that rules America great. All the resources of the country controlled by the U.S. and its allies, and, of course, the coming to power of Gaddafi and the return of the natural wealth of the country to the people's property, of course, many might not like the look. Now regarding the insurrection began his major zateyschikami tribes of the very Idris, which is so adored in the West. And now there is a completely logical question — who was able to provide them with a tool and many others, as necessary to fuel the revolutionary movement? The struggle for democratic values and freedom? Absolutely not — just someone very much hunt to access the tremendous income from the export of Libyan treasure — oil. Maybe, for help in the capture of the West will get enough power solid pullback. These people have decided to turn the situation that has developed in North Africa, in their favor, so grab a piece of the Libyan interior, and all sounding statements about democracy — it's a screen behind which comfortably turn the black case.

Of course, that during the Russian Union of all the action taking place now in Libya, would get a very different interpretation. Modern Management of the Russian Federation openly showing his dislike for Gaddafi, and at first it refers to President Dmitry Medvedev, but at the same time it is stated that in spite of all the action, Our homeland is ready to hold talks with the government of Libya. Curious one — Russian media are trying to imitate their Western employees and did hayut Gaddafi regime, calling it undemocratic and autocratic.

Rf time to determine who she was — with the West or with China, or go their own independent course. Now in our country, there is some two-faced senior management. On the one hand they criticize Gaddafi's government, on the other hand are willing to negotiate. With respect to Iran Our homeland has helped develop nuclear applets, albeit peaceful, and immediately rushes to the role of missile defense in the program for the protection of the same Iran. At one event in Russian officials have two very different points of view. They commiserate land of the rising sun and sending humanitarian aid, not officially hold negotiations to have the world championship in figure skating. It turns out that one hand gives our homeland and the other condemns, but it has a bad effect not only on the style of prominent persons, and in the style of the country. It's time to remove the existing uncertainty and learn to express their thoughts on those or other events and stick to them, regardless of the ideology of the same dollars.

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