Two hundred thousand employees of defense enterprises will be retrained Minpromtorgom

Two hundred thousand workers will be retrained defense plants MinpromtorgomAs told "Izvestia", in accordance with the federal motivated to develop applets defense, Ministry of Industry RF will retrain two hundred thousand employees "defense". Measures for the retraining of professionals are required to keep trained personnel in those criteria under which other companies have the drawback of professionals, while others, on the contrary, — surplus.

Acting Minister of Industry and Trade Minister Denis MANTUROV said, "News", which will be re-training of professionals in the industries in which the reforms initiated or being cut.

MANTUROV explained that the "defense industry" as a whole has no plans to reduce staff. On the contrary, here we see the lack of staff — first, in the aircraft and shipbuilding industries. In the end, to work on a busy factory orders invited specialists from the Ukraine, from other states and regions of Russia.

MANTUROV also said that the surplus employees "defense" is noted in the industry for the production of ammunition and special chemicals in plants: there is reduction in purchases.

As explained by MANTUROV, taking into account the sharp decline in purchases by municipal defense order, you need to implement applets to reform the ammunition and special chemicals. At the moment, the development of such programs from is on the end of the step.

Sergei Polishchuk, Director of Human Resources of the Irkutsk Aviation Plant, in an interview with "Izvestia" said enterprise, without waiting for the "top", has already sold its own training center. There, employees need to upgrade from unclaimed professions specifically to the needs of the enterprise.

Polishchuk said that the training of professionals in the RF at this point is beyond the needs of plants. The government said Polishchuk, first prepare the uselessness of professionals, and later spends money on their training.

And on the "Izhmash" also organized a training center. Here workers attend courses increase skills and master the related professions.

On the "Izhmash" today — the lack of turners, milling machine operators, machinists, mechanics 4-6 discharge, operators and fitters CNC machine tools, engineers, designers and technologists.

In JSC "Klimov", which is developing the gas-turbine engines for ships, tanks, planes and helicopters, the newspaper "Izvestia" said enterprise getting ready to move to a new production facility.

At the factory explained that the workers hitherto employed by … captured German machines since majestically Russian. But after the move, they learn how to work on a new CNC equipment. Usually, according to the factory, excellent locksmith or turner in the development of a new machine requires only a few days. However, those workers who master the new machines will not have to retire.

As explained to the factory to "Izvestia", the enterprise in the main experts at work or young or elderly people — and that they can go after the move-deserved rest.

Natalia Primakov, a spokeswoman for the recruitment agency «Kelly Services», but believes that the drop from the accounts of elderly people — is incorrect.

She explained that the country faced very tightly to the "demographic hole", and further personnel crisis in RF will intensify. "Age" to retrain employees are fully capable, in principle not only to reincarnate the learning process into a formality.

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