Two kids injured in the terrorist attack in Makhachkala

Two children injured in a terrorist attack in MakhachkalaIn the evening on January 28 Makhachkala there was a terrorist attack, as a result of which two kids were seriously injured. Of the incident was clear from the source in local law enforcement. He also added that the attack occurred on Avenue Shamil. Place, where there was a explosion, cordoned off and at the moment there is work Demolitions, dog experts and operational-investigative team.

According to a law enforcement official in Makhachkala, 2 boys, 6 and 14 years old, were taken to the intensive care child health clinics of the Republic of Dagestan.

It is understood that two bombs triggered one after another on Saturday evening on the avenue Shamil in Makhachkala. First bomb has worked at 20:20 Moscow time.

As told to the representative of the Interior Ministry of Dagestan, the law enforcement agencies received a message stating that there was a prospect explosion. On place explosion crews arrived the police, who cordoned off the place the accident and was taken beyond the people who were there. After that worked the second bomb, which was in a trash can.

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