Two North Korean submarine returned to base

Two North Korean submarine returned to baseTwo of the four North Korean submarines which disappeared earlier, they came to the home in Chaho

Two North Korean submarine displacement of 300 tons of back to your base. It is reported by BBC, citing a military command in Seoul. South Korean military analyzed the route submarines DPRK and concluded that they were involved everyday exercises. For the remaining submarines last observation.

As previously reported, four 300-ton submarine disappeared from the radar after they left the place in your own home Chaho.

May 27 authorities DPRK stated that they cancel the agreement with South Korea on the prevention of accidental collisions of ships. The announcement came as a response to the allegations in the address of Seoul Pyongyang over the incident with the South Korean warship.

North Korea has also threatened to close the passage to the Kaesong industrial zone, where there are about 700 South Korean people.

South Korean corvette "Cheonan" sank on March 26 this year, 16 km from the coast of North Korea, 1.8 km from the island of Baengnyeong — installed in the command of the UN forces in 1953, the sea border, known as the "Northern dividing line" that DPRK does not recognize.

As demonstrated by an international investigation, ship was sunk by a North Korean torpedo. According to professionals from Australia, Britain, the U.S., and took part in the investigation, they found a piece of the torpedo on the days of the serial number in print, which usually use the armed forces DPRK.

In addition, the chemical composition of explosives, traces of which are found the in the ship, similar to the content of North Korean torpedo.

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