Two RAF aircraft fell into the North Sea

Two British Royal Air Force aircraft crashed into the North Sea

Two British fighter-bomber Tornado GR4 on Tuesday, July 3, for unknown reasons, fell into a North Sea off the coast of Scotland, reports BBC News.

According to the UK Ministry of Defence, the fighters were assigned to the Royal Air Force base in the Scottish town of Lossiemouth (Lossiemouth) in Moray (Moray). Aircraft fell into the North Sea, the Gulf of Mary Firth.

According to preliminary data, each carrying fighters were of two people: a pilot and navigator. One of the fighters was found, and the second is still considered missing. Two people who were in one of the fighters, rescue helicopters were picked up and taken to hospital. The state saved so far not announced.

Tornado GR4 were developed in the 1970s by German Specialist with the participation of the British company British Aerospace and the Italian Alenia Aeronautica and from that time were in service of the Royal Air Force.

The latest incident with the fall Tornado GR4 refers to January 2011. Then fighter, commits a training flight, also fell into the North Sea. Served as a prerequisite for a fire in the engine. The pilot and navigator ejected successfully.

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