Two revolutions in Mali: a link in the chain of redistribution of resources of the planet and the reformatting of the region

Two revolutions in Mali: a link in the chain of redistribution of the planet's resources and reformatting the region April 1, 2012 on the political map of the de facto independent government came next. This Azavad — the territory of the Tuareg tribes, located in the west of the Sahara to the north of the town of Timbuktu. Immediately Mali — country, which previously went Azavad, nedavneshnego suffering the consequences of a military coup.

On the same day the Tuareg won an important victory — they captured the last major city in the north of Mali — Timbuktu. The Tuareg have chosen a beautiful moment for his own shock: North Africa reeling from a wave of Arab Troubles, the consequences of the war in Libya, and the collapse of the war in Sudan, the revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt. Mali blown political crisis — on the night of March 22, there was a military coup overthrew President Amadou Toumani Toure. The State Committee for the restoration of democracy and the revival of the country led by Captain Amadou Sanogo.

Representatives of the military junta said that now they are not able to independently cope with the Tuareg rebellion and asked for military assistance from adjoining states. But officials of West African States, previously condemned the military coup in Mali and suspended the country's membership in the regional organization ECOWAS, claimed by the junta immediately add imperative features and pass power legitimate president. They were supported by the Western countries. April 2, West African countries imposed economic sanctions against Mali. This was stated by the head of Côte d'Ivoire Alassane Ouattara, on behalf of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS). Favorites of 15 countries in the ECOWAS, have closed their borders to trade with a crumbling state and freeze the accounts of the Central Bank of Mali in West Africa in Dakar. In addition, the Company's armed forces are on high alert. ECOWAS experts believe that the diplomatic, financial and economic measures are very hit by the military junta, because Mali is very depending on the implementation of import of raw materials and fuel, food. In addition, the Republic of Mali comes to the regional alliance of money and government can not live long without access to the account in the Central Bank of West African States. So, money supplies inside the country is rapidly run out, and the military will not be able to pay the salaries of civil servants. So makarom not enough that country virtually collapsed, so it is also diligently "stoked." It is clear that these measures do not lead to stabilization of the situation. And, on the contrary would only further strengthen anarchy and chaos.

Features of the situation

— Against the authorities Mali (At the current time on the big areas that power just dropped) act not only nationalists from the National Movement for the Liberation of Azawad, and the Islamists of the Tuareg group "Ansar Din" ("defenders of Islam"). Tuareg blamed for having links with Al-Qaeda Organization in the Islamic Maghreb.

— The prerequisites for increased traffic Tuareg were the fall of the Libyan Jamahiriya and the weakness of Mali. In Libya under Gaddafi managed to make some political formula that on the one hand solved the problem of loyalty Tuareg tribes of available power, the other — non-interference of the authorities provided to them in their internal affairs, a high degree of autonomy. Gaddafi supported Tuareg financially assisted with food, provided the Libyan area as a refuge in case of conflicts in adjacent countries. Libyan favorite was a mediator in resolving conflicts, and certainly not zapamyatyvaya own enthusiasm. In the Libyan Tuareg supported the war and the defeat of Colonel of his regime, dramatically changed their status in Libya. They had just run away, otherwise they would just cut out. But, they brought with them many guns, combat experience and passionateness (besides there is evidence of an alliance with the Tuareg other passionate force in the region — the Islamists design). This has undermined the situation in Mali. Feeble country's armed forces were not able to withstand the mobile, well-armed, and have significant experience of combat troops Tuareg. Mali army nearly collapsed, the Tuareg soldiers defected to the side of relatives, supplies and communications were disrupted, the resistance has been reduced to a poorly organized defense of individual communities pt.

— It is clear that the Tuareg are not limited to the territory of Mali. In their cultural and historical area includes a number of land adjoining states — Algeria, Libya, Niger, Burkina Faso. Azavad on the ground completely Mali could become a base for the "liberation campaign". The guns in the Tuareg in abundance — looted arsenals of Libya, with a fighting spirit order, the border with the adjacent countries are transparent. In addition, neighboring Libya itself on the verge of collapse. Serious internal difficulties have in Niger and Algeria.

— Fully traced clearly intrigued by the West and the first of France. Paris did not respond to the sharp movements of the Tuareg rebellion and military rebellion in Mali, although it is a common sphere of influence of French. This means that Paris and the West in general is interested in developing a similar situation — actions Mali perfectly fit into the plan of "modernization" and reformat the Near East and North Africa. In addition, Tuaregs completely may cause the first attack on Algeria. And Algeria — is hydrocarbons, and a regime that did not support the war in Libya. Algeria is fully integrated into the image of the victim's post-colonial predators from the West and the Middle East (Gulf monarchies). It is of interest that the deeds of the Tuareg and Islamist completely fit into the strategy of the West — all the acts committed without a visible role. Tuareg do not need to motivate — they have a gun in, the men too.

Immediately blow to China — the government of Mali soon pursued pro-Chinese policies. Blow to Algeria will also be an attack on China's interests in the region.

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