Two South American NGOs have taken out their employees from Russia or ice is broken

Two American NGOs have taken out of their employees from Russia or the "ice is broken"Loudly discussed, adopted laws in the past year to strengthen control over the activities of non-profit organizations (NPOs) acting as a foreign agent and intensively involved in the zabugornye money in politics RF, gave the first results.

I sang a memorable Vladimir Vysotsky in when the song is a popular destination for foreign scum who visited "terrible Murom forest", the response from our side was followed by: "… Get out, get out quickly and grab a ghoul with him!".

So the process has begun, "the ice is broken …"

As reported by news agencies (" report", "Kommersant", etc.):

Two South American non-profit organization National Democratic Institute (NDI) and the International Republic Institute (IRI) not only closed the offices in the Russian Federation, and have taken out working in their Russians over the limit with the families, wrote on Wednesday, January 30, the newspaper "Kommersant".

According to the publication, from Russia to Lithuania together with family members taken seven Russians — salaried employees NDI and IRI, including branch managers Tamerlane and Natalia Kurbanova Budaeva.

As told the newspaper last employee one of these organizations, the adoption of laws, complicating the work of NGOs, to the heads of departments NDI and IRI frequent visits with members of the FSB. After that, he said, the South American NGO management at the end of 2012 has decided to cease the activity in RF and suggested that employees who threatened to charge treason, to leave the country by organizing a move.

In real time, the source told the publication, Russian employees of NDI and IRI are in Vilnius and await the decision of the Lithuanian authorities to grant them visas with the right to work. If, however, the Lithuanian authorities for any reason, refuse to give they work visas, he said, the NGO workers who have left are willing to make out option request the status of political refugees in other EU countries.

In the U.S. headquarters of NDI and IRI, engaged in RF program notes for the development of a democratic society, to comment on reports on the removal of Russian officials over the limit refused. The U.S. embassy in Russia, in turn, told "Kommersant" that they understand about the problems with which the IRI and NDI have encountered in RF, not becoming to elaborate.

In RF in the summer of 2012 came into force a new law on non-profit organizations, according to which to engage in political activities of organizations that receive funding from abroad, introduced a stricter regime of reporting and inspections.

From myself hunt to add that nepoprostu economical and comfortable Americans are making money and other efforts to export, and can be exfiltration (as they say spies on relief efforts, "the burnt agents") overfed to grant "human rights" — they know "whose entire face is in sour cream "and from whom to pour if prizhmut to the" warm side ".

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