U.S. destructive role in Northeast Asia («Global Times», China)

The continued U.S. support for South Korea's vengeful put the peninsula to the brink of war.

The reaction of the North by artillery live-fire exercises on the peninsula of Yeonpyeong difficult to predict. If the South will make your plans, you can not exclude the possibility of a major military conflict.

U.S. destructive role in Northeast Asia («Global Times», China)

That would be the worst case scenario, stemming from shortcomings on both sides of the political wisdom and restraint. The confrontation, which can suffer from millions of Koreans will not bring any of the states nothing, except for the ability of stupid bravado that can only capture a certain part of society applause.

So Makar, the role played by the United States, can not be called responsible. Despite the fact that they sent to Pyongyang to negotiate their own special representative, support them these teachings only provoke North Korea.

America, say that it protects South Korea, in fact can cause terrible harm to the southerners.

The escalation of the Korean crisis — bad news for China, and Russia. But the United States, who are responsible for the deteriorated business between the Koreas, the tension on the peninsula will give a terrific excuse to "return to Asia".

It's time to take a closer look closely to the harmful role that the U.S. plays in the North-East Asia. At this critical moment, the moment of choice between war and peace, the Asian countries to discard the mentality of war, cool and store in your own heart the interests of the region.

U.S. President Barack Obama — Nobel Peace Prize. If during his second term flare second Korean War, which he did not even try to warn you if it does not hurt his reputation as a peacemaker?

Regardless of how to behave China and America, for South Korea importantly — to keep a cool head. If you begin war, principal loss will fall exactly on the share of the South. It seems to be no support South Korea, the U.S. and Japan, like any condoled her China Our home and no one will be held for her loss. For all this, no matter what happens, connect The Korean Peninsula Southerners fail.

North Korea, in turn, should be aware that war did not help her out of the predicament in which she found herself. No matter how hard it may seem the North to negotiate and establish business with other countries, no other way he does not.

What's all the same for China, it is a big crisis on the Korean peninsula is not completely necessary. But not his custom to retreat before the challenges from outside, and where China has just wet my feet, someone else can and utopnut.

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