UAV company Aerokon successfully operated in Venezuela

The complex unmanned intelligence, surveillance and monitoring with unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) such as "Precursor" ("Border-30") development Kazan company "Aerokon"Successfully operated in Venezuela, said" AviaPort "director Vladimir Malyshev.

According to him, the complex of the UAV "Precursor" ("leading") operated in Venezuela for several years. Operation is mainly carried out at the airport of San Juan Los Moros, Guarico state. "Precursor" — is, in fact, the UAV "Frontier-30," said the source. However, at the request of Venezuela Kazan firm has designed and built the system start-up and trailer to transport the two drones, said the director of the firm.

According to V.Malysheva since 2012 it is planned to implement the new supply of unmanned systems development "Aerokon" in Venezuela. Are currently under pre-contract negotiations. The Venezuelan side wants to acquire UAV systems with several smaller size and weight than the "Precursor". According to him, the Venezuelan side now interested in unmanned systems for land inventory, photo shoots and imagery intelligence in the interests of oil companies. Also, customers are interested in the possibility of using as a target thermal load.

V.Malyshev also stressed that almost all UAV development LLC "Aerokon" other than a launch mass of a wide range, produced in small batches. The most popular are the UAV "Frontier-10" and "Border-20". The first is focused on conducting aerokartograficheskih work, the second is for imagery intelligence. Director of "Aerokon" said that today was built and sold 16 UAV "Frontier-20" in the interest of the security forces.

UAV "Frontier-10" is a plane normal scheme, vysokoplan, with tractor propeller. Its launch weight is about 10 kg, and the mass of payload — up to 1 kg. The flight is at a cruising speed of 130 km / h, the use of a standard — up to 40 km. Duration depend on flight conditions and leaves from 4 to 8 hours.

"Frontier-20" is a plane beam scheme vysokoplan T-tail and a pusher propeller. Its launch weight is 20 kg and the mass of the payload — up to 7 kg. The flight is at a cruising speed of 110 km / h, the use of UAVs in the standard equal to 100 km. The flight duration is 8 hours.

UAVs will start with a catapult landing — a parachute, with the use of an inflatable shock absorber. The power plant — the internal combustion engine that runs on the gasoline AI-95.

UAV "Frontier-30" has a flight range of off-line to 800 km, but the version of the application is provided and the reception of telemetry from the board of the UAV. One option is the use of complex delivery discharged into the container loads weighing up to 25 kg. Container dropped from a height of up to 3 km, and then the plans to the predetermined point with speed of 80-200 km / h. Precision landing container can reach several meters. Reset the cargo is provided on and offline, and on command from the ground at a distance of 120 km.

Dmitry Kozlov 02.11.2011

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