UFO in different countries

January 14, 2012 15:38

The study of the UFO phenomenon is given much attention. Intensive efforts in the study of UFOs by the state line take France, England, Spain, Sweden, Canada, Italy, Argentina, Australia, Japan and China. In addition, currently there are more than 400 different public organizations dealing with UFOs. Thanks to them, to get thousands of pictures and drawings UFO with their descriptions.

Throughout the world, published some 50 UFO magazines UFOs. In the French Air Force in 1964, issued an order in which all the data on UFO sightings were ordered to transfer to the bureau, which later came to be known by the study of unidentified aerospace phenomena (epa). It was led by Professor Claude Poer.

In 1971, before the French police were tasked to record and investigate all reports of UFOs, but the French gendarmerie was sent a questionnaire, which indicated that the gendarmes in their reports about the UFO landing site survey data should reflect not only landed on the device, but and unknown creatures, if any were observed near the TV. It was also stated that the traces of the object on the ground must be photographed on infrared film with a height of 10 m with a helicopter.

In February 1974, the French Minister of the Armed Forces Halley, speaking on the radio, on record as saying that France recorded radar observations and evidence of military pilots of UFOs, that is "incontrovertible things exist today to understand and explain." He added: "If the audience saw that a lot of reports of encounters with UFOs, we get from the gendarmerie and sent to the Center for Space Research, they'd see us holding concern."

In 1977, Zepa was transferred to the French National Centre for Space Research in Toulouse, and soon became its leader Dr. Oesterle. In the "Komsomolskaya Pravda" (1981. 8 August) was placed interview with APN A.Esterlem, stating that the information in this group come from the gendarmerie, army, civil aviation, radar control service and other government agencies, as well as individuals and organizations. France recorded monthly average of 20 unidentified phenomena, with 15% of them can not be explained. Activities of the group controlled by the Board of eight prominent scientists from different disciplines. Zepa collected over 15,000 reports of sightings, including about UFO landings in France.

However, beginning in 1981,. Zepa to stop any release of information about UFOs to the press. In France, there are several private groups UFO researchers. The most famous of them — Zepa — which publishes the magazine «Phenomenes spatiaux». The names of other UFO magazines «Lumieres dans la nuit» and «Ouranos». In England, a special branch of the British Ministry of aviation, to study UFOs in 1959 attracted more than 45,000 reports, notes and pictures on a UFO. In this case, all the military was strictly forbidden to speak openly about UFO sightings.

In the official documents of the Ministry of Defense in England, published in 1970 and 1978. Indicated that the British Armed Forces organized the conduct of a UFO. A study of all UFO reports received by the English Defence Ministry is a group of experienced employees who have access to any information held by the Ministry of Defence. Them is also necessary scientific and professional assistance from other government and private organizations.

However, the full reports of UFOs in accordance with existing regulations may be published in 30 years. Question about UFOs specifically addressed in the British House of Lords in 1979 and twice in 1982. At the same time in 1979, eight of the 14 speakers were in favor of the reality of UFOs and their learning. In 1982, in response to Lord Klankarti government spokesman said that over the four years (1978-1981) received 2250 reports of sightings neindentifitsirovannyh objects. Careful study has shown them that they are not related to security of the country. British police have instructed to report sightings. The Ministry of Defence refused to give the media information about UFOs.

In England, there are about 20 different public UFO organizations. The largest of them — the British UFO Research Association (BUFORA), which publishes the magazine «BUFORA Journal». All in England has published five UFO magazines, of which the most famous «Flying Saucers Review». In Italy, the Ministry of Defense has developed a questionnaire to ascertain the circumstances of UFO sightings and send it to the civil airports and military air bases and service centers urgent operational information.

Completed questionnaires were sent to the appropriate department of the Air Staff. In Italy, there are three organizations involved in the study of UFOs. The most famous of them — Centro Ufologico Nazionale — «National UFO Center", founded in 1965 and headed R.Pinotti. Italians published three UFO magazine, including «Notiziare UFO» and «Clypeus». According to the magazine «The Sun», Spanish Air Force the autumn of 1969 also began the hunt for UFOs, as Spain has decided to solve the mystery of UFOs. Spanish Air Ministry requires people immediately report sightings to the nearest airbase. In 1976, the Spanish Air Ministry declassified 12 cases of UFO sightings. In Spain there are four organizations studying UFOs, and published two magazines on the subject.

The number of UFO sightings in West Germany is relatively small, and no Department of Defense, nor the command of the Air Force and Air Defense of Germany do not collect and summarize data on UFOs. However, in Germany, too, there are four non-governmental organizations for the study of UFOs. The most famous of them DUIST, which publishes the magazine «UFO Nachrichten». In Sweden, the study deals with the UFO Research Institute of National Defense. In addition, there are four UFO organization and published magazine «UFO aktuellt».

In Canada, this section deals with the study of the atmosphere the Canadian National Research Council and the five UFO organizations, and publishes three magazines (including «Canadian UFO Report»). In Argentina, the collection of data by the Division of UFO research and the Air Force has six UFO organizations. In Australia, data collection is the Air Force Intelligence, and in the year receives about 100 messages, there are also 12 public organizations studying UFOs, and publishes three magazines (including «Australian FSR» and «UFO Bulletin»).

In Japan, the Air Force also engaged in research of UFOs, as evidenced by the statements of a number of Japanese generals. For example, Lieutenant General Akira Hirano said: "We often see a UFO in the sky and calm their study," and Major General Komura admitted that UFO research is conducted at the highest level and in cooperation with the U.S.. In Japan, there are organizations «SBA International» and JUFORA, publishes two journals (including «UFO News»). In China in 1980, was created to study the association of UFOs at the University in Wuhan, with offices in Beijing, Shanghai and several provinces. The second organization "Society for the UFO" was established in China in 1981 at the Guangzhou University and has more than 2000 members, and together with field organizations — more than 20,000 people. Over the past five years, it has collected more than 600 UFO sightings over China.

In Brazil, the UFO research community engaged in the study of flying discs and publishes magazines «Diskos Voaderes» and «OVNI». There are international organizations to study UFOs. One «Contact International» with centers in England has a branch in 34 countries. It is headed by Lord Le Poer Trench. The second, more commonly known — "International intercontinental network of research and analysis of UFO» (ICUFON / IKUFON) with headquarters in New York. It is headed by von Kevitsky. According to von Kevitskogo, our planet is threatened by an alien invasion, proof of which he considers some examples of hostility from the UFO. This view background Kevitsky presented in 1978 in the first Memorandum IKUFON a tendentious title "Government action for evidence of extraterrestrial UFOs Earth groups and their potential threat to international security." To prove his point, in a memorandum Some examples of death and the disappearance of aircraft and people at meetings with UFOs, and also put the statement made in 1978, Deputy Director of International Security at the U.S. Department of State A. Michaud and representatives of the Division of Space I. Pikus, "Aliens from outer space are systematically present a real threat to us, and we present a real threat to them, and that includes the possibility of military action."

Background Kevitsky also referred to the statements of the famous American General MacArthur, has repeatedly asserted that the next war will be an interplanetary conflict which united humanity will enter into battle with the evil forces of the other world, and calls on all nations of the earth come together to further protect human life and a united front against the alien attack. In 1978, this memorandum was handed over to UN Secretary General Kurt Waldheim and representatives of all the countries in the UN. In 1980, von Kevitsky IKUFON issued a second memorandum on the need for the creation of the World Agency for Space Affairs to perform the following tasks: the international control and supervision over the activities of UFOs around the world, finding possible ways to establish contacts with the forces governing the activities of UFO prevent any hostility toward UFOs by the armed forces of the countries — participants of the agency, the use of discoveries resulting from contact with UFOs, to accelerate progress and improve the lives of all countries.

The memorandum cited various examples of U.S. government actions aimed at silencing and hiding from the public data on the UFO problem. In 1982 he published the third background Kevitsky IKUFON Memorandum, which, in particular, was placed a letter addressed to him by General Schweitzer on behalf of President Reagan (section 1 of this chapter). Finally, in 1988, von Kevitsky based on three previous memoranda made and sent out missions of all UN member states a new memorandum containing 350 declassified documents describing the classic 140 cases of UFO sightings.

This memorandum is divided into four parts (Evening Leningrad. 1989.12 July): A — syndrome potential danger UFO V — military plans for armed defense against extraterrestrial invaders (UFO), C — an undeclared war against a UFO — Galactic Forces, D — the road to the star War and the question of survival. However, the conclusions of these memoranda IKUFON the dangers allegedly threatened by UFO our planet, we can hardly agree, for the vast majority of observations and encounters with UFOs still not a sign of hostility.

Although also not sufficient grounds for a diametrically opposite point of view, which holds Pamirenko, counting UFOs "our cosmic friends and well-wishers." Several attempts to organize the study of UFOs in the United Nations, as some UN leaders to treat this problem seriously enough. The first attempt to organize an international study of this phenomenon has taken in 1966, UN Secretary General U. Thant. But the then U.S. ambassador to the UN Goldberg took vigorous measures to prevent this, and assured U. Thant, the United States will conduct themselves impartially "scientific" study of the UFO problem.

On the relation of U. Thant to UFO can be seen in his statement made by July 5, 1967: "The most important issue that should be of interest to us, except for the Vietnam War — is flying saucers, or UFOs." When in 1970 the West German UFO researcher Jacobi U Thant asked whether it was true that extraterrestrial UFO pilots to contact the Government, and that all the facts and the reasons are kept secret, he replied: "There are things that I can not and will not I have no right to speak. " Question about the actions of spaceships earthly powers at meetings with UFOs raised at the UN in 1971 by the representative of Uganda Ibingira, who expressed concern about the dangerous consequences that would be reckless actions of the crews of terrestrial spacecraft when meeting with an unknown object.

He said: "We must be sure that the earth spaceship not behave with hostility when a chance encounter with a spacecraft or object of unknown origin. For an unknown amount of guilt, which caused damage to one of the states of the Earth, will be negligible compared to the culpability of the state, whose actions provoke aggression by an unknown cosmic source with respect to the entire planet. Therefore, I propose that the draft convention paragraph, requires states to run their space objects so that they are in the case of a meeting with an unknown object to exercise reasonable in their behavior, not withstanding these objects and not to provoke them. "

In 1977, the Government of Grenada has offered to discuss the issue at the UN to establish a special committee of the United Nations to coordinate the research of the UFO phenomenon. But the U.S. State Department immediately ordered the American representative to the United Nations Young state that the United States "does not support the Grenada proposal to create a special committee to explore the possibility of making contact with an intelligent civilization, within and outside the solar system." At the same time the Secretary of the U.S. delegation to the UN Feydzhel handed the Prime Minister of Grenada Gairy confidential message of President Carter, which was given the insistent advice to waive the requirements of the international study of UFOs, the message that same Carter who recently himself vehemently accused the former government of the U.S. over-the confidentiality of research UFOs.

It would seem that what the president of the largest country in the capitalist world, insist on changing the position of small Grenada, and even on some UFO, whose existence is not officially recognized by the U.S. authorities. As a result of active opposition from the United States Grenada had to withdraw the project, and the UN resolution on the issue in 1977 was limited to only call upon all States "to discuss with the UN Secretary-General their views on the problem of UFOs."

However, in 1978 Grenada again raised the question, and its proposal yet been considered at a meeting of the UN Special Political Committee, which issued a report by Professor A. Hynek and Jacques Vallee, followed by the U.S. Air Force Lt. Col. Coyne reported on the case direct impact on the UFO helicopter. Following this was shown a specially prepared film, which includes footage of the most impressive shooting UFO, and was read a letter U.S. astronaut Gordon Cooper are invited to examine the possibility of establishing friendly contacts with UFOs. But consideration of the organization of the international study of UFOs in the plenary session of the 33rd United Nations in December 1978 was also launched on the brakes and reduced only to the call of all interested countries to report their observations and studies in the field of UFO to the UN Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer space.

Persistent efforts of the American leadership to prevent the international study of the UFO problem can be attributed to only one — the U.S. desire to belittle the importance of this issue in the eyes of other countries in order to secure a monopoly in this area. UFO community organizations in many countries repeatedly held International UFO Congress in Germany, the U.S., Mexico and other countries. In October 1989, in Frankfurt-am-Main international conference on UFOs under the motto "Dialogue with the Universe", which was attended by the first Soviet officials: chairman of the USSR A. AH GO Mordvin-Shchodro, head of the section of Tomsk to study paranormal Yu . Rylkin and journalist S. Bulantsev.

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