UFO meeting in the air and jumps in time

February 18, 2012 18:14

There is plenty of evidence that some of the aircraft, "flies" in a curved space, years, commercials in 30 — 50 come back. Sometimes — before his disappearance — planes had direct contact with a UFO. On windfall "stack" come running gawk numerous onlookers. Themselves "returnees" almost did not go crazy at the sight of modern airports and the flying "Boeing". This is not the plot for a thriller — it is our life, which are still so many unsolved mysteries and frank mysteries.

Strayed "Curtis"

November 20, 1996 on the lawn of a house on the Cape Martha Crawford Saunt — Fortlend Britain strange plane landed, his "face" graced the gaping shark's mouth, and the fuselage adorned militant tiger. Pilot climbed out of the cab in an old-fashioned uniform. He was very pale, and he was shaking. As Miss Crawford thought that the pilot is ill, she called the doctor. Pilot explained that his name is John E. Walker, U.S. Air Force Lt. it. During an air battle April 9, 1944 in the skies over Belgium German fighter shot down his plane. The car began to fall. More Walker remembered nothing.

Can you imagine what a stir gave Lt. Walker at Cape Saunt-Fortlend? He, of course, considered out-of-phase and upekli a psychiatric hospital. But our British colleague, journalist James O 'Hara conducted its own investigation. And he had nearly lost his mind.

It turns out, the plane Lieutenant Walker, tail number F-0327, in fact, was part of the 123rd Squadron cover and disappeared April 9, 1944 after a dogfight with "Messershmitami." Piloted his Lieutenant John Walker, whose photo O'Hara dug in the archives. On the right cheek, "archival" Walker-characteristic birthmark. The pilot, fallen from the sky on the lawn Miss Crawford, the same birthmark.

Walker was a fighter plane mark "Curtis P-40." In plating gaping holes from bullets. "Antique" "Curtis" was taken by the military. Information classified.

In the same year, 1996 in Caracas (Venezuela) landed the DC-4 airliner with 57 passengers on board. Dispatchers amazed ancient look of the machine. Radioed the pilot reported that flying from New York to Miami. He said that was due to arrive there at 9:00. 55 min. July 2, 1955 when he heard that on the calendar May 21, 1996, the pilot of the plane snapped up in the air. The car disappeared into the clouds.

The investigation found that the plane with the tail number of passengers disappeared in 1955, Where does it come from in May 1996?

Beulah returned after 79 years

In November 2002, there was another mysterious case. At the airport, Buck — Raton (Florida), a tiny single-engine plane landed "Radford Rose." They ran a ramshackle but very energetic old woman. She happily reported that her name was Beulah Henderson and her … 20 years. During a training flight, the plane went into Beulah Henderson viscous fog. And so the "girl" planted his "Radford Rose" at the nearest airport. Old lady politely asked what the yard year. She replied, "1923rd."

Flying grandmother subjected to psychiatric examination. It turned out that she did not know anything that happened after 1923. Aircraft represent her very real museum piece.
How do scientists explain such a phenomenon?

— This is an extremely rare situation in life, — the expert on anomalous phenomena Alexander Davydov. — In Flight Miss Henderson in his car at the time of the curvature of space into the field of the future. What is curved space? This is the moment of deviation from the energy norm of the field strength of the planet. At the time of contact is broken the uniform structure of the field, there are gaps, through which you can fly into parallel worlds. Any of humans may accidentally get into another time, when he suddenly appears in the Interim Corridor, which may be a cluster of tightly pressed against each other time fields of the Past, Present and Future.

Beulah Henderson, hitting at a curvature of space in the field of the future, has spent lifetime: she flew and flew. All 79 years.

Even this would not wish on an enemy …

Skull flying "boat"

Mystical history at Cape Lazarev (Far East). Over 70 years, nothing was known about the seaplane "Savoy-55", who disappeared under mysterious circumstances June 26, 1935 Flying 'boat' took to the skies, led by renowned polar pilot Alexander Svyatogorovym.

His name became known during the epic 1934 Chelyuskin Svyatogorov It was on his boat "Stalingrad" with his plane to drift on the ice polar. And when the "Stalingrad" stuck in the ice, Svyatogorov obtained permission to collect the aircraft, pull it over the side and "wear" on him skiing. That brought Svyatogorov Chelyuskinites in Providence Bay. Chairman of the Government Commission Valerian Kuibyshev Svyatogorova called "one of the best polar pilots."

In 1935 he took the helm Svyatogorov flying "boats", "Savoy-55." Seaplane disappeared after 1 hour. 57 min. after take-off … The skeleton found only in 2006 Near found 8 out of fuel tanks, charred skull, part of the flight jackets and shoes size 36. Later found two coins -1929 and 1931

On board, in addition to three crew members, there were 8 passengers.

Where are the people? This is a mystery yet still remains a mystery.

Help "AN"

Seaplane "Savoy-55" — Italian flying machine company "Marchetti": consisted of two wooden boats, covered with large wings and lace farm carrier tail. The "S-55" was 2 and 3 fin rudder. Marchetti called his plane ocean.

From the Files of "AN"

In the dispersal of aircraft accidents is 18%, 11% take-off, climb-out — 7%, and level flight — 5%, with a resulting decrease — 3%, while landing — 12%, Entry — 16%. And when it lands — 25%.

Phantom Fighter "Spitfire"

Generally, up there in the sky, there is much more interesting. And mysterious. Here, for example, many of the pilots talk about the phenomenon of "giant hand". It usually occurs during long flights. This driver has the feeling that the steering wheel instead of him holding an invisible hand. A study conducted by the U.S. Air Force found that approximately 15% of pilots experiencing the effect of the "giant hand". Perhaps this is the reason why some of the crash?

American pilots Beyrs Michael and Jay Phillip flies in meteorological aircraft. In the way a dark cloud enveloped the aircraft and the pilots saw that they were in a strange place. It's like they were flying over the ground, which turned into a scorched desert. Pilots revealed that it is someone else, not themselves. Danced around the aircraft enormous fireballs. Brace and Phillips have decided that they are in hell … But cloud suddenly melted. Presinee seemed blue-sky. What was it?

Over British airfield Biggin — Hill (former Air Force Base) constantly monitor dozens of witnesses Phantom fighter "Spitfire" from the Second World War. In the eyes of onlookers plane slowly circling over the airport, the sound of the motor.

Specialists on anomalous phenomena believe that aircraft fall into the so-called "hole" in space and time. That is what explains the sudden appearance and disappearance of aircraft. And their instant motion for long distances with the passengers.

Disappeared after a meeting with UFOs

In September 1970, the U.S. Air Force Captain William Schaffner flew to the "Lighting" to meet several conical UFO hovering over the airbase Binbruk. When the pilot became friends with strange objects, its messages are sketchy, "left a hundred meters … They are still ahead. Hey, wait, there was something else! This is a huge soccer ball, only glass. It emits blinding rays. " Connection with Schaffner broken. "Lighting" cool went down, and fell into the sea. Divers found the plane and taken to the base. And it turned out that the lantern is closed cockpit, explosive bolts catapult seats are intact, but the body of the pilot in the cockpit Schaffner not. This riddle is not solved disappearance pilot so far.

In December 1972, three aircraft have disappeared in the U.S.. Four radar (SAR) observed a UFO in the air, on the interception of which was sent to the link. Following UFO fighters flew into a large cloud and … disappeared from the radar screen, but the mark of a UFO is a long time was monitored by operators. And the pilots and aircraft disappeared.

In the summer of 1981, the Chief of Staff of the RAM of the Turkestan Military District commander read Battle report Fighter Wing defense union. It was reported that over the airport at an altitude of 7 km hovering UFO. In the air was raised by a pair of interceptors. One of the pilots fired a missile. Almost at the same moment the level plane disappeared from radar screens tracking. No trace of a fall or the wreckage was found.

March 13, 1997 in the early morning of Memphis (Arizona) was seen a large triangular object, which is an identification with the base near Phoenix sent two aircraft. Pilots flew around the UFO, describing it on the radio as the 3-kilometer object. One of the pilots made a 30-second video. Pilot during the filming of gray.

— By collisions with the disk-shaped clouds and translucent luminous substance, even when flying near mystical places broke several Soviet fighters — continues the story, Alexander Davydov. — And after trying to intercept UFOs were lead to loss of life, in many countries, including the Soviet Union, have been developed for military instructions prohibiting the use of any type of weapon.

UFO dragged 26 people

1955 U.S. Air Force transport plane with 26 passengers and crew members approached the U.S. coast. Ground radar operator he saw a second label on the screen. UFO was flying at high speed and then suddenly went straight to the plane. Two labels merged into one … Search on the water in the incident did not find any oil stains. Found only the portfolio of General, who was on board.

1959 Missing U.S. Air Force fighter jet F-106, sent to intercept a UFO off the coast of Japan. The pilot reported to the ground, he saw a metallic object. He cried out that he fired two missiles, and they short of the UFO, exploded as it crashed against the invisible barrier. Then he yelled that included UFO beam and chased him. Radar operator saw two marks on the merged into one. Lost and the aircraft and the pilot.

1960 F-101 aircraft returned to Edwards Air Force Base, California, doing the job. Suddenly appeared on the radar screens of the label, which merged with the plane and disappeared. But the next day the plane landed at a military base. Under hypnosis, the pilot said that he had been taken aboard a UFO, which was subjected to scientific research.

1972 Three fighter is flying near Clovis, New Mexico, when the ground radar detected a UFO. Fighters chased object. UFO increases speed, flying into a large cloud. Fighters went there after the object. And propane .. Radar operator saw four marks merged into one. UFOs, flying on the other hand cloud, immediately disappeared. Debris on the ground had been found.

In the sky — "squirting cucumber" 

What happened at that time in our country? It is known that almost all information about UFOs came under "classified", but, nevertheless, still fragmentary information leaked. Soviet test pilot Arkady Apraksin June 16, 1948 took off in his plane. Half an hour later he noticed an object in the form of "cucumber". Of him, furious sheaves of light rays. Apraksin sent a plane to meet the "Mad cucumber." When the distance between them is reduced to 10 km, the rays of the object opened her fan and flashed aircraft, blinding the pilot. Out of order electric part of aircraft control. But Apraksin managed to land the plane with the engine stalled.

May 6, 1949 Arcadia Apraksin again "lucky": in Volsk he met in the air, a kind of a huge UFO "cigar." Under the influence of bright ray on board, Apraksin board electrical outage and lost radio contact … Apraksin difficult to land in 40 km north of Saratov. And lost consciousness. He had to spend more than 2 months in a military hospital.

— Often, those who watched the UFO, lose consciousness, — says Alexander Davydov. — Almost half of the people after the meetings with UFOs suffers prolonged headache, loss of vision, nausea and vomiting.

Critter "The Philadelphia Experiment"

In 1943, the Navy U.S. conducted secret tests, which are called "Philadelphia Experiment." There was a war, and military experts have tried to make their ships and planes of the enemy barely visible to radar. The idea to create an electromagnetic field intensity at which the light rays are rolled into a cocoon, making the object invisible to the person, and for instruments. Albert Einstein, as a powerful theorist in the field, are tasked to do the calculations. Einstein just worked on the creation of a unified field theory. The idea is that by means of a single equation to describe the interaction of three fundamental forces: electromagnetic, gravitational and nuclear.

Soon destroyer "Eldridge", which have been installed "stealth generators," not simply disappeared from radar screens and monitors, as well as if fallen into another dimension and there was only some time later.

After the "return" of the sailors were incredible things happen: one, as it were "frozen" — dropped out of the real course of time, others were dissolved in air.

The experiment most of the sailors were insane. 13 died from burns, radiation and electrical shock. 5 people were "fused" in a metal shell ship. People claimed that the fall in the other world and saw unidentified nightmarish creatures.

— One can recall experiments Italian researcher Luciano Bocconi, who with the help of special devices in the sky photographed mysterious, invisible to the eye being, — says Alexander Davydov. — According to his theory, these "critters" (translation — "creation") — essential life forms that fall into our world from a parallel space.

Recently, the mysterious disease was observed in workers of the company "Lockheed", collecting stealth aircraft that are proven themselves during the Gulf War. The invisibility of the machine is achieved by use of special materials, the unusual properties of which occurred after treatment with "generators of invisibility." These "generators" Einstein and put on the destroyer "Eldridge."

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