UFOs. Autumn Marathon flying wonders

December 12, 2011 16:57

This fall, circling over the Donbas not just fly away birds and falling leaves. Various mysterious objects with enviable frequency recorded in different parts of the region. "They have not increased.

Just more people started to pay attention to the UFO. In addition, many have got a mobile phone with camera. And can now literally just "catch" interesting picture ", — says Sergey Osichny Donetsk ufologist.

Donetsk mysterious lights

Already on September 16 on the highway between Debalcevo Uglegorsky and at nine o'clock in the evening there was spherical, flickering, yellow-white object resembling a signal flare. That's just "the signaling" do not fly, first vertically, then horizontally, and — back up.

October 8 at five in the morning from the window of his apartment at the Petrovsky district of Donetsk Oksana Queen noticed a strange star. "She was white, large and very bright. Usually, at this time we still dark, and it comes from a very strong light. I often wake up at this time, but nothing like this has never been — says the woman. — From her was like a spotlight, illuminating it is our home. "

According to Oksana, she and her husband and son often see UFOs. For example, the balls that fly in spurts, changing not only its brightness, and even color. "And for the first time confronted with the unknown in 1991 — says Donchanka. — We saw two girlfriends from the eighth floor of a strange cloud. It then moves away, then approached. And suddenly noticed that no it is not a cloud, and something silver. As if realizing that it "saw through" the object plunged into the nearby rates. And then went out and disappeared. No one then could not believe our story, but it all was. "

Worker "Donetsgorteploseti" Larisa Izhikovskaya previously seen strange lights in the sky near the Palace of Youth "Youth" and "Donbass Arena". But in November, has seen something unimaginable.

— It was flying pretty low. To look at the car in profile — front yellow lights, rear red. And in the middle, as if running line — lights: red, green, yellow. Smoothly into one another, hide and reappear — says Larisa.

Celestial carousel of Dzerzhinsk

Kochmarik Alexander, a junior inspector of protection in Dzerzhinsk colony, collided with a UFO back in 1998. It was a strange cigar-shaped object, the memories of which remain for life. And at the end of October, leaving the evening on the balcony of his fifth floor of the nine houses and talking with a friend on a cell phone, Alexander has seen new neobychayschiny.

— Because of the building association "Dzerzhinskugol", located 300 meters from my house, flew shining point yellow. First took her plane, but soon realized that was wrong: the signal lights were observed (there was a steady light), as well as engine noise. Also was very low and thick clouds — hence, the object was flying low. Plane so could not, — said Alexander.

Taking the left UFO disappeared behind the houses. And after about five minutes out of the same place where he came, took off three of the same — glowing, change color from yellow to orange and red. First move in the shape of an equilateral triangle on the same trajectory as the first object. And while turning the triangle became diversified.

— Next followed the same route several parties UFO. The impression was that they were going to kind of arc — said Kochmarik. — Especially remember that behind the "triangle" was flying four glowing object. Together they created a pattern reminiscent of the constellation Cygnus. The "triangle" around its main components gleamed faint stars. All of this "performance" went on for about forty minutes. Terribly sorry that a digital camera at the time, was discharged battery. The quality of pictures taken with the camera on your mobile, of course, not so hot …

Mariupol "catch"

New photos and videotrofei appeared in Paul Eliseenkov from Mariupol (worked on "Azovmash", "Selmash" now sells at the central market), which nasnimal so many UFOs that fit to do the film.

— In early fall, I bought a new camera. September 28 in the evening once filmed two objects — rejoices "alien hunter" of which "Donbass" wrote. — The first was in the form of a ball of red color and very bright stars. Flew straight, then disappeared. The second looked like a space station, was at a low altitude, like a dive.

October was relatively quiet, and in November again flooded. 5th Paul filmed triangle that appeared out of nowhere and moved vertically. After flying for a while, he turned at an angle of 80 degrees and pulled up. There was another interesting case on November 17. When Eliseenkov went to the balcony, was struck by a very bright star over the house next door. Suddenly it began to descend, becoming brighter and brighter, occasionally pausing, and then continued on his way again. Until, at last, was abruptly turned and sped Neznamov where.

— We often hang strange objects. November 25 was very clear, and suddenly from behind the clouds seemed something strange. But disappeared before I could turn the camera — mariupolets sad. — A friend recently told me that he saw in the sky an object like a burning yellow candle. Housemates claim if noticed a UFO flies out of the Sea of Azov. In principle, this is not surprising. Evidence that the number of bases the aliens located under water in abundance.

— UFOs do not be afraid. To be friendly with them, they will never bring harm — sure Eliseenkov. — I think they are, on the contrary, guard against any disasters and wars of our earth, which is used as a base for travel.

Americans, Germans and Italians are looking for the brothers on reason

This fall, the White House had to give an official response to the two calls that appear on the site leader. In a petition, which was supported by more than 12,000 people, the U.S. government proposed to "formally acknowledge that aliens are in contact with the human race." In the other, for $ 5.5 thousand signatures — "immediately disclose the information that the government knows of the existence of aliens and communicate with them."

"The U.S. government does not have evidence of the existence of any form of life outside our planet, or cases such forms of contact with the human race. In addition, we do not have reliable information that such facts are deliberately hidden from the public, "- said Phil Larson, in charge of science and technology. However, he acknowledged that the United States carried out a number of projects for the detection of aliens and establish contact with them.

Fire officials and German ufologists. Berlin administrative court at the suit of the amateur scientist Frank Raytemayera ordered Bundestag open access to the study of UFOs and extraterrestrial life, which carries out scientific service German parliament. Earlier, Parliament refused to do so, citing its intellectual property rights to everything that makes science services. However, the court came to different conclusions …

Even the Italians, despite the government crisis, take the time to head in the clouds. Recently in Turin was the 26th national collection ufologists. It was attended by more than 200 local and foreign experts, scholars and observers simply unusual celestial phenomena. Each year, those notes to a thousand, according to the coordinator of the center of Turin UFO Eduardo Russo. And although 90% of these objects get their logical explanation for these or other events of natural or synthetic origin (meteorites, various types of aircraft, made by man), there is 10%, which remains a mystery.

Mankind has to be prepared for contact

Despite the involvement fixation wonders in the sky, take each of them for an alien hi, of course, is not necessary.

— In November alone we received two dozen reports of unusual observations of the country, — the "Donbass" coordinator UFODOS UFO club, the operator of the National Archives UFO Ukraine Yaroslav Socko. — However, almost all related to man-made traces of human activity. Often the so-called "Chinese lanterns", which have lately become a mandatory attribute of the various celebrations. Bad and that many witnesses provide scant information that does not make it possible to identify the objects. Appeal to potential witnesses to UFO: try as described in the report for details of the UFO incident, remember to specify where, what, when and how it was that it was observed. Pay attention to all the details, let minor: weather conditions, the reaction of other people and animals … With the accumulation of full and true facts UFO riddle to lose an aura of mystery.

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