UFOs in Russia often triangular, in the form of disks and those that emit rays

February 1, 2013 3:28

All-Russian Scientific Research Public Association (ONIOO) "Kosmopoisk" summed up the observations of 2012
Coordinator says "Kosmopoisk" Vadim Chernobrov:
"In 2012 it received 265 reports of operational program UFOseti. We reported 70 cases of UFO sightings in Russia, 23 — in the CIS and 162 in other countries. 16 messages have quickly on the same day to deny and explain natural phenomena.

In the old days UFOs were active somehow strips
Photo: Kosmopoisk

Of the regions, where most often breaking news, you can select the suburbs, Krasnodar and Altai Krai, Komi, and Leningrad, Volgograd, Samara, Chelyabinsk, Tyumen, Irkutsk region, Ukraine (especially Kiev, Sumy region), Estonia, the UK, France (especially in the central region), China, Japan, Canada, the United States (especially California, Texas, Colorado), Mexico (especially the metropolitan area), Colombia, Brazil, Argentina and Australia (especially in the south-east).

UFOs fly now anyhow
Photo: Kosmopoisk

In 2012, it was revealed 36 bursts UFO (for comparison: 2007 — 6 bursts, 2008 — 7, 2009 — 6, 2010 — 6, 2011 — 27. Specifically, on days: 1-2.01, 23.02, 26.02, 30.04, 8.05, 26.05, 28-29.05, 5.31, 4.06, 9.06, 19.06, 4-5-6-7.07, 22.07, 30.07, 1.08, 11.08, 14.08, 27.08, 29.08, 2.09, 8.09, 10-11.09, 13.09, 15-16.09, 9.19, 9.24, 9.27, 9.30, 4.10, 9.10, 19.10, 22-23.10, 5-6-7.11, 10-11.11, 14.12, 18.12.2012.
Particularly powerful flash UFO activity occurred on January 1-2, 8 and 29 May, 22 July, 11 and 14 August, 15 and September 19, October 9, November 5-7. At this time the UFO recorded by independent observers from various points, including remote from each other over long distances. The observations took place on a vast territory in places far from each other by thousands of miles. Which leaves no doubt as to the origin of the observed non-local UFO.
In some cases the direction of the object is the same, which makes it possible to assume: eyewitnesses observed a consistent appearance during the span of one body. A typical example: July 6, 2012. On this day, glowing orbs seen on several continents. Objects appeared almost simultaneously in the U.S. states of Utah and California, in Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Australia.
In several cases, bursts observations were related to the fact that the sky were visible, Venus and Jupiter. However, the reasons most of the burst observations remain unclear.
In appearance UFOs appearing in 2012 revealed the following trends: compared to the previous year did not change the number of polymorphs (objects that change form), conical, sharp-nosed, faroobraznyh, dumbbell. The share of disc-shaped and triangular UFO. A spherical, cigar-shaped, oblakoobraznyh, rectangular, cylindrical, elliptical UFO — decreased. Decreased and the number of objects moving around the country (more often — zigzag) trajectories. The number of objects that emit beams of light, objects, performing landing.
Of particular note is the increase of the triangular objects (by 1.2 times compared to the previous year, and 2.5 times more than two years earlier.)
Moreover, the increase in the number of triangular and reducing the number of spherical UFOs and was exactly as previously noticed cyclical trend. Estimated increase in cigar-shaped UFO has not come yet, perhaps, the peak of their activity will occur in 2013.

Triangles appear and over Ukraine
Photo: Kosmopoisk

In the U.S., UFOs photographed from a plane
Photo: Kosmopoisk

This "faroobrazny UFO" flew to Russia over the village of Ore
Photo: Kosmopoisk

Number of triangular objects in 2013 may decline sharply. The cause of all these cycles, to detect "Kosmopoisk" is not clear, although a few years after the discovery of cycling it allows to calculate the time and place of UFO sightings.
Continues to increase the number sent for analysis in "Kosmopoisk 'photos and videos obscure objects (which rather is primarily due to the increasing number of digital cameras in the population). Most of the images (as in previous years, up to 90-95 percent) identified as noise. The most common mistake witness — a variety of reflections, lights flash to the camera close ups of water droplets, dust and other airborne particles.
Slowly growing number of fakes, it was the highest in 2005, then in 2006-2009, the number decreased from 2010 began to grow again. Perhaps the large number of fakes — due to the fact that the bulk of the owners of cell phones with cameras — youth and teenagers are prone to practical jokes. While the age of the witnesses who reported UFO sightings in recent years, is slowly but steadily increasing.
There is a fake, made by professionals in the political and commercial purposes. The most sensational example — a business project "Hysteria end of the world in 2012." The most sensational ducks, dated to December 2012 — "Arrival 3 UFO", "Arrival of Nibiru", "Parade of the Planets" and other … At the same time, in a pile of unsubstantiated photo and video in 2012 were sufficiently reliable video, the last examination . But amid the loud and promoted by all the laws of PR ducks these authentic cases are invisible to most …

The number of sightings has increased dramatically in 2012
Photo: Kosmopoisk

By the way, on September 5, 2012, afternoon at 10.40-11.20 a strange phenomenon was observed near Moscow. In the sky, there was a hole in the cloud, which is a bit slower than the wind drifted towards Moscow. She flew over the north of the capital, where thousands of people watched the hole, including the Early Warning System UFOseti members' Kosmopoisk. " Then the hole was gone south of Moscow, where it was lost from sight.

Hole over Moscow
Photo: Kosmopoisk

"Kosmopoisk" for hole watched
Photo: Kosmopoisk

Establish the nature of the object and failed. But it became clear that the explanation of meteorologists that the vortices formed a hole or it was the result of a collision of the fronts have not been confirmed, not least because the object is not flying with the wind speed. "

Vladimir Lagowski

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