UN is preparing a resolution on defamation of religion

This week at the United Nations will vote on a resolution "On combating defamation of religions." Human rights activists from the Freedom House incriminating that such a document may restrict freedom of expression.

The draft resolution was initiated by the Organization of the Islamic Conference, which includes 57 countries with a large proportion of the Muslim population. The resolution urges states to adopt laws that would prohibit "defamation of religion" — not identified in the legal concept that can be defined as an insult to religious feelings. Resolution is part of a larger campaign to create legislation to combat the fact that some Muslim leaders call " blasphemy. "

An employee of Freedom House Paola Shreyfer in a commentary for New York Times notes that these companies are threatening to a human rights perspective. Such legislation can be easily applied in an arbitrary in including and for the suppression of religious freedoms and political opposition, said a representative of Freedom House. Particularly affected are the religious minority.

For example, in Pakistan, Christians and Ahmad (Muslims who do not recognize Muhammad as the last prophet) make up only 2 percent of the population, but against them were more than 900 prosecutions for blasphemy over the past two decades. The rest of harassment were against the Muslims themselves — often as a way of settling personal accounts, which had nothing to do with religion.

The idea of supporting the blasphemy laws has great popularity in the Islamic world. Even the most vehement fans of human rights in the Middle East, people are openly critical of corrupt regimes in their countries do not realize that such cases are, as the publication of the Danish cartoons or the burning of the Quran is a form of expression, says a representative of Freedom House in New York Times

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