Underwater ghosts

June 2, 2012 9:20

— So there is still a UFO or not? — A question asked by many of our readers, addressing their letters section. And like most sane people, we would like to give a clear answer: yes no! This is all the result of an optical illusion, the insufficiently studied natural phenomena or just fantasy "witnesses PE". However, there are a lot of facts, evidence reputable people who claim they do exist. And not just in the air space of the planet …

Not helped the chain, no bombing

Documented facts appearance of unidentified objects are, for example, in military archives. And they say that the UFO (and not only air) played in the 70-80th years of XX century, the role of a serious factor in international politics. According to coastal services, in just two months in 1986 Soviet submarines 16 times invaded Swedish territorial waters, reported the Scandinavian newspapers. Soviet submarine secretly penetrate into the fjords and skerries Norway to find out the secrets of combat fleet of NATO, they said. However, all attempts to find even one Soviet submarine to no avail. Objects, expressed by the Coast Guard and the press, like phantoms have been elusive.

 Talk about "underwater hand of Moscow" continued, the tension grew. Here is how the hunt for the "Soviet submarines," Chief of the Navy of the USSR in 1985-1991 Vladimir Chernavin:
"After receiving a signal from a shore-based services that, in a bay is a foreign submarine, and, of course, about any other ship, but to the Soviet, it could not possibly be the Norwegians this bay was blocked by chains. The plan was clear: sooner or later, the boat would have to emerge and thus find himself or try to escape from the trap. But none of that happened, — said Vladimir. — Then they went to the last resort: NATO ships began to bomb its own bay with depth charges. In the bay there was no living space. But the good of it, too, was not enough. Our boats were not there, because … it could not be. "
Left after the bombings "without a catch," Scandinavians scrutinized bottom. However, the wreckage of the Soviet submarines were detected. So who are "hooligans" in the territorial waters of the northern states?

"Dish" covered glowing ellipse

Declassified NATO archives today reported the following. On one of those already distant autumn day Norwegian Coastal Administration has once again found in its territorial waters, underwater intruders. On warning signs they did not react, not communicate at all and were extremely challenging. Then the Norwegians and NATO ships have gone to drastic measures — bombed by depth charges your tourist gem — 200 km Sognefjord.
Then the unbelievable happened. The offender appeared above the surface. But it was not a submarine conning tower with a hammer and sickle on the hull. From the depths of an incredible rate emerged a strange glowing object in the form of an ellipse. Then events took a completely unexpected turn. Suddenly appeared in the sky yellow and green UFOs cup-shaped, but his fjord — the mysterious aircraft in black with no markings. At blazing speeds they committed unthinkable maneuvers simulating an attack on NATO ships.
After a few minutes the entire electronics NATO ships out of service. A unidentified objects safely left the bay, dissolving the horizon.

"Sverhumnaya" torpedo struck the void …

After such a disgraceful bombing own shores Norwegian authorities and the NATO had to say, at this time there were no Soviet submarines. That's when the official level was first proposed version that appeared in the Scandinavian coast unidentified objects of artificial origin.
In order to finally stop talking about the "Soviet invasion", the command of the Soviet Navy submarines banned our approach to foreign territorial waters closer than 50 miles. This order is strictly carried out, but the underwater ghost continued to plague the Scandinavians. In the press there were pictures of strange footprints found in the Baltic Sea off the coast of Sweden. People began to say that they are left to some midget Soviet submarines, tanks, which travel along the sea floor on tracks.
The Soviet Union and NATO again on the verge of a serious conflict. And then with the consent of Admiral Chernavin top leaders gathered emergency press conference and made a sensational statement to Western journalists. "… I am writing to you, and through you to your government for you to catch our submarine destroyed and showed her the remains of the international community — he said. — If you kill in its waters at least one Soviet submarine, I, Commander of the Navy of the Soviet Union, I say thank you for what you did. "
But even after the invasion "underwater Martians" have not ceased. In November 1986, the Norwegian coastal reconnaissance reported on another violation of the maritime boundary unknown object. To destroy it was decided to use the trump card of NATO — a top-secret U.S. Navy torpedo.
"The most newest torpedo manufactured in the United States, was launched to destroy this underwater targets — commented Vladimir Chernavin happened. — But Ultra precise, "sverhumnaya" torpedo fired by the "Soviet submarine" struck … a void. "

Riddle Pacific disaster


FURTHER events are unpredictable. Finally behind by our sailors, the Swedish Parliament in 1995 created a special commission of eminent scientists. The task — to deal with underwater phantoms. Part of declassified military information, and it turned out that the statistics of the detection of unidentified underwater objects is staggering: recorded more than 2,000 such cases! One of them even plotted, reports that underwater object, met seamen, was not similar to any known submarine. At the same time in the sky, the report said, there have been several UFO appearance of red, purple and green. They move very quickly and clearly accompanied by the "sea guest." Attempts to knock down at least one aerial target to no avail.
One more archival excerpt. In 1964, a similar unidentified object suddenly found next to each other in the Pacific, the U.S. Navy submarine. For some reason, there was a collision that resulted in a violent explosion. The ship escort lowered underwater vehicle that brought to the surface what looks like a piece of the shell "stranger." Then the incredible happened. Once the rescue operation entered its final phase, acoustics began to report that in the disaster area suddenly had 15 unknown underwater objects, each of which had a length of 200 meters. They are tightly blocked the search area, and when a few hours later, these objects have disappeared — at the crash site, not a single subject. Disappeared even fragments of the deceased American submarine. But the analysis of the fragment shell "sea ghost" could still be done. Metal composition was not known to scientists. In terrestrial conditions, they said, this alloy does not exist …



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