Unknown luminous object flying over England and Scotland

March 4, 2012 21:05

People thought that witnessed the crash, but police reassured: an asteroid or something like that.

In the evening, people began to report to police stations in the north of England and Scotland on the "bright light" in the sky and "orange glow." Some residents feared that their eyes there was a plane crash, reports the BBC Russian Service.
Adam Hepworth, a witness told the BBC: "I came home from work and is getting into his car, and then watched as the sky drifting very bright light. At first I thought it was a flashlight, but then I realized that it is impossible — he was moving too fast. Then I decided that it was probably the plane caught fire. "

But the authorities were quick to reassure the public. However, not very convincingly.

British weather service, the record in Twitter: «Hello. Those who saw something strange in the night sky, we can report that, in our opinion, this is a meteor. "

Police also confirmed that at this time there was no incidents related to air transport.

County Durham police: "We assume that the observed phenomena — an asteroid, or a similar object, which burns without leaving the upper layers of the atmosphere."

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