Uplift with anti-crisis sermon — fingerprints taken

Police detained the lawyer of the church "New Life" Sergei Lukanin after he called on the street during the crisis to turn to God, and not to panic.

"About 20 o'clock I went up to the side entrance and lesvichku central restaurant McDonald's. I started reading the Bible and called on people in crisis to turn to God, and not to panic and try to purchase various goods" — Lukanin told BelaPAN.

After some time, Lukanina, several people shouting "Your

According Lukanina, several people shouting "Your God is dead!" tried to drag him down the steps.

God is dead! "They tried to drag him down the stairs." I pulled off the parapet, hit the ground, but I managed to climb back. Apparently, these same people called the police, as soon I was approached by two members of the special forces and the police took me to the office of the Central district of Minsk "- Said Lukanin.

According to the lawyer, in the Town Council Interior he forcibly took fingerprints.

"At first I refused to fingerprinting. But then Major Maxim Kotov said, or I'm looking for fingerprints voluntarily, or I will take them by force. Therefore I will not fight with the police major? I had to agree," — said Lukanin.

About 23 hours Lukanina released without the protocol.

Actions forwards Sergei Lukanin called "totally inadequate response" to preach.

"Moreover, I intend to go to the police to prosecute the hooligans who attacked me for threats against my ten daughters, who led the videotaped sermons "- BelaPAN lawyer church" New Life "Sergei Lukanin.

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