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How our ancestors lived? How do they manage to live without fear that the prince will issue a decree or a robber escapes with tribal coffers to Khazars? Without fear that them come into the house, local robbers rogue and take away all their possessions, and all the neighbors gather around and laugh at failure neighbor? Why farmhand was not afraid that the owner will not give him a salary, but the owner — that farmhand propet its deposit and even run away, taking with him his grandfather's sword and prababkino necklace? Why did the magician knew Knyazhev squad will punish foreign guests insulted temple or cemetery without seeing — how much money foreigners? THEN WHY PEOPLE living happily?

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Our ancestors lived genera. And then Rod is not just blood ties, although it was a holy and inviolable. Rod was the main criterion for their lives and actions. When a young Rodowicz first took from the hands of the elders of a double-edged sword, he heard: "The ancestors see you. They are waiting for your soul to heaven, many years later, with the story of the exploits! "Rodowicz knew that his blood line goes to distant ages, the epic heroes of the gods — to Perun, who won the Serpent, to Yarily, spear the damaging Maru-Morin.

And he also knew that he could be like the ancient heroes — just need to be brave and resourceful. So it was with Svarog, in a time of the invasion of the Cimmerians invented Iron and become God of heaven, with his son Svarozhich who died in battle with the Scythians of Slavic temple near Lake Tollensesee (now — Germany) and became the God of Fire … Originally called and one of the chief gods of the Slavs . In his honor, our ancestors celebrated the holidays are very beautiful, which was the site of all: the old man — remember the glorious past of their tribe, and dashing girl red — look for a faithful friend, a very very small — napotchevatsya refreshments. Once upon a time, in the era of the birth of the peoples of Europe, this cult was erotic, but in the Epic Age ritual was just beautiful slow dances — a young man held his only girl on the field, and the wise men prayed Rod and other Gods. Thus, even before the Christian culture of our ancestors has become quite aesthetic. I am writing this for those researchers who believe that the life of the ancient tribes was like home any Negro or Papuan tribe, which this researcher observed!

All issues of social life of the tribe addressed to the Chamber. Duke was elected. No, of course, could be that out of respect for his father was elected prince of a son, but it was in the Chamber IZBIRALI.I prince, as the highest court of the gods, and after the military government, consulted with anyone who had an opinion! Even under Yaroslav the Wise any commoner who met the prince, could turn to him with a request to the wish … Try now to go through the barrier of protection, which was fenced themselves Russian politicians, and talk to them about their work!

Classes at that time was not, and could not be. And the merchant, successfully trading in a foreign land, and the soldier, brought from a long voyage wealth, understand that everything in the hands of the gods. They did everything for the sake of the genus, all their property was property of Rod and Rod without they themselves did not think of!

An interesting fact: in Christian cultures promotes humility, but now there is flourishing individualism and paganism ancient Aryans, and in particular, the Slavs, the highest value was discipline — and people felt free. Paradox? No strain of morality!

I, as a researcher of military history, is most similar heroics on traditional pagan Slavs. This is truly a storehouse of patriotism! I will not write about the princes, which are known all — I'll talk about Conscious Rusich heroism.

Before going Rusichi sent a messenger to the enemy with a declaration of war, so — as they wanted to meet with the entire enemy army and win fairly. And this messenger is almost always doomed to certain death — the Khazars, Pechenegs, Huns and other pity they did not know … But the messenger was so-I knew that by his behavior enemy king will judge all Rusichi!

Bows, slings, etc. rusichi used in special cases — if the pursuit of a melee cavalry battle — for 3-4 meters from the enemy in battle with superior forces. But they never found a bow weapon warrior! Equalize the great mystery of death in a duel with death by the sword, like the death of the Beast in the hunt, it was inconceivable to our ancestors! In addition, the bow could shoot anyone taught this, and shoot from the back of the ambush, a sword or mace demanded fair fight …

In a Russian tradition of struggle "wall to wall" is being followed, by the way, the skill of the fighting in the building, as well — the feeling of fellowship. Rusich warrior knew that if he did not help today my colleague, tomorrow no one will help him. Military Brotherhood Slavs exceed even the famous fortress FRAYKORPY Prussian Junker. And no wonder that the practice extends to very recently, before World War II, to Afgan to Chechnya.

Ancient Russians were ruthless in battle, but never offended prisoners and conquered peoples. When Svyatoslav stormed Itil, the Khazar stronghold in Eastern Europe, observers struck discipline Rusich not rushing home to rob and rape women, and stopped outside the city — in a marching camp! And Elects Jews exterminated whole nations in Israel — the Philistines, Ammonites, and others. And had the nerve to boast that in the Bible and try to impose this horror with the pure teachings of Jesus Christ!

But there were also Rusichi pobezhdennymi.Chto hide? And perhaps this their custom, ritual last fight, the strongest shows that this Russian character … The last time my father prayed, Perun, Rusichi their clothing and armor. In the original purity they went to achievement. So they created the gods, and so they were going to take my last hour! Even the Vikings, known for its ancient military tradition, the cult warriors Berserkers and belief in the sanctity of death in war, were shocked when they met once in the battle with the naked Knight. The sight of soldiers going to die it was so terrible, that the king of the high seas to flight …

And speaking of the funeral rites, the individual is observed funeral pomp fallen heroes. But people, even those closest, tried to show the fun and excitement of a loved one, who was in heaven Iriy-paradise. Yes, often wives followed their husbands, but this ritual was always voluntary, and you probably know the feeling of great love. At the time, this was a common love.

And the coffin Slavs leaves freedom of choice — where to go. Honest people walked through the Milky Road in Iriy-paradise, to Svarog, Perun, great grandfather … Villains fell from the bridge, and became servants Chernobog — vampires, demons, ghosts. And for those who've done in life and good, and bad, helped get across the sky in Iriy faithful friend — a large black dog. Such were the views of the Slavs on the Supreme Justice.

Slavery Slavs was patriarchal and very fair. The slave was in the family for the rights of junior members, and after a while he bathed and went home, or did live in the new tribal rights Rodowicz.

And the most important thing — our ancestors did not tolerate lies, and instead of oaths and pledges say: "If I have done the above, I be ashamed of yourself!"

It is difficult to identify all the causes decomposition of Roda. But the impetus for them was the adoption of Christianity. Or so — the destruction of the old culture and the introduction of a new one. And the people at the time the princes trust, and because the performances were only on the periphery of Kiev Confederation. Crazy and funky, Prince Vladimir, who had sworn in his life baptized Rus, when hiding in the gutter of infidels, was found equal to the Apostles Church HOLY BAPTISM FOR ONLY! That's it! Greater his merit was not! And the fact that it was a crazy libertine, that he forbade his subjects to have more than one wife or husband, started a harem of concubines dozens of different races and nations — is embarrassing enough priests. Meanwhile, the reform reduced the fertility and stability!

And after that to Russ rushed lives of other tribes … from abroad come to us serfdom, debt bondage, worship, government institutions, irresponsibility and corruption. On Earth, Russian crawling aliens, ready to profit at the expense of rusichej … Only common danger, the Mongol-Tatar yoke, Russia rallied to fight, and later Peter the Great created an empire, but also drew on our homeland stream of adventurers from the West …

But that's another story.

Our ancestors, children Scythian, Roos and Slavs, look at us from Bylina Ages. They want to know how they live their descendants, for which they were clearing the field, discovered new lands, killed in battle with the enemy …
What do we show them? Wide pants? Acidic fashion? Cries of "Yo," and the slogan "It's trendy"? Indifference to notions of patriotism and homeland? Degradation? …

Our ancestors did not need to techno — culture. They were mere children of Mother Earth and the Sun-father, hardworking employees and fearless warriors, generous hosts and wise rulers, they believed in gods, and more — in the eternal truth that is above all the people and the gods.

And, apparently, so they were free and happy! Is not it?

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