Vimal in the modern world

January 14, 2012 4:14

In 1985, in India, a book "Vimal ancient India." Author — a professor of Sanskrit from Calcutta DC Kandzhilal. The scientist noted that in ancient Indian books are often found descriptions of flying machines and air travel to them. These machines are called by different names: Radha, aerial chariot, but most — vimany.Drevneyshimi of the texts of the Vedas were Wiman. The Vedas were composed, according to most scientists, Indologists, not later than 2500 BC.

Vedic texts today the oldest known books in the world, because it is considered a kind of encyclopedia of the ancient Indians, in which the complete collection of religious hymns and ritual manuals, historical records, a variety of information on astronomy, cosmology, meteorology, metallurgy, medicine, etc.
In 150 poems "Rigveda", "Yajurveda" and "Atharvaveda" describes aircraft.

Many references to air a chariot in the Indian epic "Mahabharata" and "Ramayana". Details of Wiman found in the book "Vimanika Shastra" ("The Science of Wiman"), the authorship of which is attributed to the sage Bharavadzhe.

Photo: Vimal in relief Cave temple complex of Ellora, India

Prof. DK Kandzhilal believes that the text of this book was made not later than the tenth century AD. This book is a part of the great ancient encyclopedia entitled "Yantrsarvasva" ("All the machines"). The book contains numerous references to the construction of aircraft, materials science, meteorology, etc.
Professor of Aeronautics Krishna Murthy Institute of Bangalere in studying ancient texts, concluded that build aircraft — vimana-Aryans taught the aliens from outer space.
It should be noted that the sources of the ancient Indian epic, infused with the Sumerian cosmogony. Sumerians exalted character rocket, which was called "Din-gear", and the Egyptians worshiped the pyramidal object that was called "Ben-ben". Ancient Egyptians believed that the "Ben-ben" — is an object that came to Earth from heaven drive. It was, in the opinion of the Egyptians, the celestial chambers, which came down to earth god Ra. The word "bin" (literally — "that follows") aired a double meaning: "to shine" and "soar." This object is considered a sacred symbol of the Egyptians, who believed, as the Sumerians, which is such an object on the Earth once arrived gods. It is possible that, perhaps, is why the Egyptian priests were considered sons of the gods, and the governors of the world. In our view, the burial of Ramses VI in the Valley of the Kings (A. Cohn, "Where did the gods?") Has reason to confirm this hypothesis.
Ethnic and aggressive war contributed disappearance of entire layers of the cultural heritage of the people, and many surviving cuneiform tablets have not transcribed because of the complexity of his translation, for that matter, and texts in Sanskrit.
At various times observed in the sky of the Earth space objects have a name. For example, in November 1944 they were recorded 415 th U.S. night bomber squadron team based in France. By the fall of 1944 a strange phenomenon has become so often seen over France, Germany and nearby areas that crews called them "Foo Fighters", apparently the name page of humor, popular at the time. «Foo», presumed to have been a distortion of the French word feu, which means "fire." The pilots reported the mysterious lights, known as the "St. Elmo's fire" (the link is given in the book Rendels D., P. Howe "Mystery UFO", publishing house "Veche", p. 63-64). In fiction space objects have a beautiful name "Icarus", but with a modern twist, they got a new name — an unidentified flying object.
It should be noted that contradictory information — this is a natural process in the interpretation of a phenomenon, but as sources of the Indian epic describes the different types of Wiman, the characteristics of which correspond to the characteristics of modern UFO. This allows the position of the scientific literature and concluded that UFOs — two different types of Wiman.
We believe that the unusual phenomena observed in the Earth's atmosphere today, requires an analytical approach and scientific analysis from the perspective of the study of Sumerian cuneiform, the history of ancient Egypt, the Indian epics, legends, myths and legends of the world.
We argue that the ships Vimal exist in the modern world, and tend to assume that these ships are related to managing the thermodynamics of the Earth (to control the weather.)
We make this statement in order to draw the attention of the international scientific community on the need to consider "contrails in the atmosphere of the Earth" as a new phenomenon in the earth sciences, called "chemtrails" as well as more competent study of unidentified flying objects observed in the Earth's atmosphere in our days.

Vladimir N. Strakhov, Academician
Julia A. Sumiko

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