Virtual agitation

While no official campaigning began in the presidential elections in Belarus, potential candidates are stepping up activities in the virtual space — create websites, joining social networks, placing videos on Youtube, find their new supporters through the Internet.

During the last presidential election in the United States for the first time en masse and have been effectively used the possibility offered by the online communication. Organizer of the company, an associate of Barack Obama Joe Rospars called the possibility of "new media" — additional levers that help to reach out to more people, to bring them to work, to establish two-way communications and contacts in real time. During the last presidential campaign in Ukraine was actively using new media Yulia Tymoshenko, however, unlike Barack Obama, win with their help, I could not.

In Belarus, where the Internet was the last island of freedom of speech, opposition politicians have long had adopted its capabilities, and now, in the midst of a presidential campaign — intensifies its presence in the virtual space.

The candidate of the BCD Vitaly Rymashevski recently posted on Youtube a video message and his campaign has created a special election website. Company Rymasheuski passes in seven other social networks or "Live Journal", "Facebook", "Twitter" and others. It is clear that all of this alone can not lead Rymashevski:

"Of course, in all online projects helps me and my team headquarters. Only thing I want to point out that the questions, of course, I answer myself. Either by phone or directly write sometimes. Every two days I have a spare hour evening. But most of all I regurgitate questions over the phone, and I dictate the answers. "

Actively use information sites and services on the Internet and other candidates. Andrei Sannikov has a strong information support on the sites of "Charter 97" and the "European Belarus", but also applies to social networks: for example, in the "Twitter" and "Facebook" in real time, he reported on his meeting with the German and Polish Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Another candidate, Nyaklyayeu, convinced that in the conditions of Belarus Internet can add a candidate 20-25 percent of the vote. Mr. Nekljaev his personal site and also wants to be present in all possible services and networks — both on their own and with the command:

"I also have a blog, I am also in the" Twitter "and" Facebook ", and in all the different" Adnaklyasnikah "and" small world. "In short, anything that can be used in the information that is closed to us in the broadest sense , the space we use, because we understand that in this election — not elections, and the fight — we need every living person. "

According Neklyaeva, the most effective are social networks in time organizing mass protests against unfair elections.

Gregory Kastusyou especially before elections joined the "Facebook". The next time is not enough, he said. A "of Facebook," he uses to contact with fans.

Yaroslav Romanchuk a pre-election poster, and online forums to, on the site of the UCP in the "Live Journal", is present in almost all social networks. In the "Facebook" established company "Romanchuk for president," Learn acting debating Yaroslav Romanchuk, the team organized a candidate free SMS newsletter Company …

Mr. Romanchuk convinced that new media, as well as so-called "word of mouth" to help the Democrats get a victory in a state monopoly on the mainstream media:

"I think it covers the audience somewhere 2.5-3 million potential voters, the people who are interested in either every day or every now and then, indirectly, passively what is happening in our country."

Perhaps the only opposition candidate who deliberately ignore the new media — Statkevich. First, he is convinced that these elections in Belarus, there is no — there is only an excuse for the politicization of society. And secondly, does not believe in the activity of a virtual classroom:

"In social networks, I do not work in principle, because I know that the people who spend much time in them, they say, and live on the internet, and we are not so much … All their activity is just and ends with the Internet, they show it in the comments on the forums.'s all. "

Fundamentally does not conduct any blogs and acting head yes presidential candidate Alexander Lukashenko. Recently, in an interview with Russian journalists, he said that he had enough and the official site.

A specialist in the field of election law Sergei Alfer expressed "Freedom," the belief that to punish someone of candidates for premature campaigning on the internet is not possible, because the current Electoral Code does not govern the conduct of the campaign in the virtual space.

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