Vitebsk district court denied the party members Fair World


The courts and the October Pershamaiski districts rejected the complaint of 17 members of the party "Fair World", which are not included in the precinct election commission.

Svetlana Antoshina, who represented the interests of the administration in court October district, said that party members "Fair World" is not included in the commission on the grounds that "they have shied away from work in the commissions before."

This view is representative of the executive committee unfounded, as members of the party were not included in the Commission and in the last election, said the deputy chairman of the regional party organization Anatoly Roddick.

But the protest, Mr. Roddick did not have the opportunity to: Judge Natalia Filkevich did not allow him to participate in the proceedings as a representative of the party. The court has not allowed to participate in the process and human rights activist Paul Levinau which assumed to act as a representative of the public.

As a result, Natalia Filkevich decided that election commissions are formed properly, and that the 8 members of the "Fair World" is not included there legally.

According to human rights Paul Levinau, the same scenario was the process and on the First District Court. Before considering the complaint 9 party members not included in the commission, the judge Elena Sharets refused masters Levinau and Roddick, who assumed to act as participants in the process. In protest, both left the courtroom, and the decision was announced in their absence. Judge Elena Sharets decided that the complaint of party members that they were not included in the precinct commission, completely unfounded.

Yesterday the same Pervomajskij district court rejected the collective complaint of citizens that the precinct commission is ranked number 35 defender Paul Levine.


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