Vladimir Osipenko: genuine democratic elections and now we will not be …

Vladimir Osipenko Today is the fourth day of freedom. He does not stop the phone, visiting journalists. It all takes time, a lot of plans, but first promised his wife that he will make in-home repair.

Vladimir Osipenko kindly invites you to the apartment and, as it is justified — they say, lives quite modestly. Sam quickly ran to make coffee, my wife at work.

On the face of it has changed, matured, but the smile is the same — warm, welcoming. I start to talk and ask — what are they, the first sip of freedom?

Osipenko"I was very glad to see my family and hug them. It was the greatest joy — to meet them. The second can not say anything because I knew that the family for me — the most valuable thing in life. "

He adds that the changes outside the home can not say, since all these days was sitting with his family in the house, taking guests simply could not enjoy the meeting. It is recognized that the prison had come with her daughter without telling his wife what is now very sorry.

Osipenko"First daughter and her husband went into the apartment, and then I with flowers. And she saw me as — as nearly fainted with joy, sat down on the ottoman, and repeated that he could not believe it. I later regretted that he did so, it was necessary to call and warn. "

Vladimir Osipenko says that his wife had to work during this period survive: many turned away and did not say hello, at work trying to provoke it to fire. And all this — add — she experienced herself. The first thing she asked him to — to make repairs in the apartment, and he promised that it will.

Our conversation is constantly interrupted phone calls, some strangers greet, welcome. I ask — who just called?

Osipenko"Now called Nyaklyayeu, congratulated me on output, say — knows that I'm not broke, promised to meet again soon. And yesterday called Andrei Sannikov, also congratulated. "

Reporter"Mr. Vladimir, and you have time to sort out the current political situation in the country?"

Osipenko"It seems to me that the real democratic elections and now we will not. This is evidenced by the fact that the electoral code is not changed, there is no opposition in the election commissions. I am sure that everything will be as before. I think that it would be better in general they do not participate, but do not know how I will understand here. "

Reporter"And look at it as those who are farther behind bars?"

Osipenko"Here they are thinking the way I told you. They are confident that the president will be the one who even now. "

Mr. Vladimir says that the first few days will deal with domestic problems, and more will be accepted along with the lawyers to seek the release Autukhovich. In general, he is grateful to all those who supported him and sought his release. And he'd like to see in person to the investigator, who fabricated a case against him.

After the conversation, I went to the place where once was located company, which was created Autukhovich and often came to Vladimir Osipenko. Struck by the silence and neglect. And before that there were taxis, repaired and prepared for the journey Heavy duty "dash".

In the courtyard of the former taxi firm Autukhovich.

Here I ask Mr. — if he knows that freedom came Vladimir Osipenko?

Mr."Honestly, the first time I ever heard. In truth, I know nothing. But it's very nice people, and Mr. Vladimir and Nicholas. About the only good things they can say. "

In the office sat a man and a woman. They are from the Internet knows that Vladimir Osipenko released.

Mrs."Nothing bad to say about him I can not. Normal, ordinary, good people. "

Mr."I said hello to him, even vodka drinking together in the garage. Normal guy … "

Ms. added that people who worked together, remember them, and are waiting to revive the company, because such a leader as he was Autukhovich, not now.


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