Volume of petroleum products into the river vylivshihsya Pchevzha, was 50 cubic meters

The volume of oil that polluted the river on Monday Pchevzha in the Novgorod region because of the accident at the pipeline system was 50 "cubes", told RIA Novosti on Tuesday, spokesman of the central board of the regional Emergencies Ministry.

"Information on the depressurization valve 367-kilometer oil pipeline LLC" Baltnefteprovod "in Lyubytinskom district received the MOE on Monday afternoon near the village … Dubrovo leaked about 50 cubic meters of oil," — said the source.

Of them fell into the creek, which flows into the river Pchevzha. On the river were found characteristic spots.

"In Pchevzhe put booms, distribution of petroleum products not, is their collection and filling sorbent," — said the spokesman. Cause of the alarm is set.

Commentary administration LLC "Baltnefteprovod" the agency does not yet have.

Recently, this is not the first Russian oil pipeline accident that led to the pollution of the river. In late April, in the Irkutsk region of more than 300 tons of fuel got into the box on the Angara River in the local pipeline.

The authorities imposed regime Tcheremkhovo district of Irkutsk region with a population of 77,000 people. About a week residents of three villages of the district — the city Cheremkhovo and Svirsky, village Mikhailovka — remained without water. Rosprirodnadzor assessed the damage from pollution Angara half a billion rubles. Investigators have indicted three local residents who may be involved in the sidebar.

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