Walking on water

January 26, 2012 8:49

Again he heard the clear command: "Go in the water"

Experiments that sometimes run over people extraterrestrial beings, often put the researchers in a deadlock. Whether it is such a test for our value, or maybe it's their investigation of our capabilities …

As tall as a basketball player, with fashionable stubble on his face, UFO researcher with experience and class biooperator, Sergei Savinov in the early 90's keen research of paranormal phenomena.

— Do you know the state of uncontrolled mind, like a dream? — Not so long ago, he started talking. — Actually, the output from a dream. At this time, one can hear the sounds of the outside world, can respond to the questions put to him, but later when he remembers them, just as a piece of sleep. Such a condition often seen in contactees. Let me explain with an example resident Voskresensk, where I then lived.

Here's the story.

One autumn day in 1991 Resurrection mechanic chemical plant, a former diver, strong and mighty man of fifty years, was returning home from work. He walked along the embankment of the Moscow River, when near his home saw two figures on their way to him clearly with bad intentions. Man prepared for defense, when he felt that his body seemed woodenly. Arms, legs, head does not move. Consciousness continues to obey only the eyes. He was very surprised this their condition.

Meanwhile, the two men took him by the elbows on both sides, and … they took off! Together smoothly flew over the river, down at the water's edge. This completely bewildered mechanic was nearly executed orders emanating from them — go to the other side. Splash mind told him that the bank is too steep there and he can not get out, but how can I cross the river, when it is free of ice, he did not think at all.

Immediately two strangers, as if reading his mind, soar again and moved it about two hundred meters along the coast, close to the pedestrian bridge in front of the church. The church was a gentle coast.

Again he heard the clear command: "Go in the water." For some reason he leaned forward, about to take a step, when suddenly from behind came a furious barking of dogs. Poor mechanic woke up and nearly fell into the water. To him slow to a woman whose dog attacked unknown as active beings, but a number of those have not appeared.

The woman was in turmoil. She said she saw him sail smoothly through the air, surrounded by fog, and then three or four minutes of standing in an unnatural pose, strongly leaning forward.

Did not really understand what had happened to him, the mechanic gave up and went home, now back across the pedestrian bridge.

Three days after the incident, he was very bad eyesight, but with the memory like everything was normal. One he could not exactly say how long it lasted. Seemed — a minute or two at most. But he came home almost an hour later than usual.

— Exploring using dowsing venue mechanics with newcomers, we have found nothing abnormal — remember Savinov. — But some of our group felt a strange cold stream, which is narrow, no more than one meter band was on the road across the river just above the water surface. On the other side he barely felt. Over time, the heat flow was gone, because we repeatedly checked the place. But the state of half-sleep mechanics alarmed. Maybe all he inculcated by aliens and no flights were not? But the dog, astonished woman, long way around … How to explain it?

Mechanic would pass on the water? I can not believe, though one case is known. The Bible …

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