Was the person a third eye?

January 30, 2013 7:21

According to one of the ancient legends that have come down to us, there is no time, people and animals have so-called "third eye." It was located either on the forehead, or somewhere in the back of his head and allegedly helped our ancestors to observe the world for miles around, and allows you to read other people's thoughts. The most amazing thing is that today there is evidence of such a body in the ancient world of the animal, to which the person belongs to the fullest.

Since vertebrates have the skull with a small hole. The hole is connected to the pineal gland, located in the center of the brain. Studied and the average eye some reptiles of the family of lizards. It turns out that these amphibians as tuatara eye for life atrophies. Primitive fish, lampreys, possess a unique function of the body, which distinguishes them from other members of the animal world. This function is exactly the photosensitivity in secondary eyes.

Maybe the dinosaurs had a "third eye." The skulls of extinct reptiles, early birds and protomlekopitayuschih find traces of it. Perhaps this strange body played an important role in the adaptation of animals to their environment. Experiments in modern reptiles yielded interesting results. It turns out the "third eye" could allow to detect predators. It is involved in the regulation of body heat, changes in skin color, depending on the environmental conditions. Body even registers the intensity of solar radiation and helps determine the time remaining before the breeding season.

Perhaps, once the "third eye" kind of happened Repository with knowledge of the animal's environment. It could be called a link that precedes the appearance of reason.

Why now do not assume that ancient people could also use the "third eye" as a tool for them to get data of unknown processes and phenomena. If the five senses is not enough, then why not apply the six? This is confirmed by the presence of the human skull, a small indentation.
But what about the people who can control and now their "sixth sense." Many quite really capable of serious paranormal abilities. This is completely combined with the hypothesis of the "third eye."

Researcher Steve Nichols back in 1980 introduced the idea of so-called "phantom eye." This kind of analogy to the phantom limb. A person whose limb was amputated by inertia continues to feel it. Nichols notes that some people have lost sight, suddenly able to see a stable picture, feel the presence of a number of an object, and even describe it in detail. Blind people, investigated Nichols could give a perfect description of the object, which was not even close. Feelings were such, as if they really see something.

Nichols sure that the pineal gland is somehow combined with the human soul, how to integrate the stump and lost man limb. Human brain still continues to "feel" the signals of the "third eye", so we can see strange hallucinations, the moments that the world never happened.

Is it possible to make the "third eye" earned by artificial methods. Proceedings of a certain man named T.Lobsang Rampa, called himself a Tibetan lama, were published in the middle of the XX century in Britain. Llama book called — "Third Eye." Ramp It describes real events of his life. As he said in Lhasa he artificially opened the same "third eye." The result of this insight is that the ramp had the opportunity to travel in what is called the subtle body. He had been on Venus, where he was able to meet with the Buddha and Jesus. "Third Eye" was not the only book Lobsang Rampa. Soon came other creations Lama. Readers simply swept these works from the shelves. But after a few years, and the ramp was exposed. It happened like this: from Tibet to Britain moved immigrant group. They read a book Ramps and pointed out that the ramp could not be a novice at the monastery in Lhasa, as in the books there is no hint of the real ceremonies held there. We even managed to find out that the ramp does not ramp, and a certain Cyril Hoskins, who is the son of Devonshire plumber, and for obvious reasons, is unlikely to be a lama. In Tibet Hoskins never was, and the books he wrote when his fantasy played out violently.

Even today, nothing about the fact that the Tibetan monks know the answer to the mystery of the "third eye" is not known. Is there a technique that allows him to reveal — a mystery. But the fact of the appearance of people fantastic abilities that enable them to see through walls, to determine the color of an object, in another room, it is an undeniable fact.
Perhaps the third eye is our subconscious.

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