Watch out! Mushrooms with cesium


This year, according to experts, radioactive mushrooms much as ever. Half an hour of examination and mushrooms taste and color do not seem noble. Indicators of radiation are too high.

"With the passage of vetsanekspertizy found a high content of radionuclides cesium 137, this lot has been withdrawn from sale, are not allowed to realization", — said the head of the State Laboratory vetsanespertizy Nadezhda Belova.

30 kilograms of radioactive chanterelles — catch only one laboratory market. This year, in Moscow, experts mushroom season.

"This year is not permitted to implement 24 batch of mushrooms weighing 144 pounds. During the last year statistics were less, only 5 games, but the last year can be considered the season for mushroom pickers" — said the deputy chairman of the Moscow Veterinary A.Babushkina.

Mushroom harvest brought from Tambov, Kaluga region, even from Belarus. Sellers, whose non-edible mushrooms are often recognized because of the content of harmful substances in the fable of the radioactive mushrooms do not believe.

But each additional piece exposes the body is more than a medical X-ray. On sale at pensioners usually no certificates or permits. On his special places they are reluctant to talk.

Some of the radioactive mushroom experts are near roads, affects a large traffic.

Even collected a few hundred meters from the road mushrooms accumulate the scores of harmful substances. Some of the most dangerous substances mercury and lead. The fact that they are in the body, sometimes mushroom lovers will know in a few years.



Collected and untested aspen, boletus, chanterelles often driven by natural markets. Near subway stations and trains. Trace where mushrooms, almost impossible. For a quick sale sellers often referred to as the most popular regions: for example, Vladimir and Ryazan regions. We have to take our word.

Purchased in such a market in Moscow aspen and chanterelles Channel gave the lab. After a few minutes chart crept up.

Cesium-137, and can significantly affect health. It all depends on the number and volume of consumption.

"Effects of small doses of radiation are very difficult to detect, because their effect is manifested in a few years. Exposure can cause a variety of diseases, such as metabolic disorders, lowered immunity, and also lead to cancer," — says the head of the radiology department of municipal veterinary laboratory About . Tochiev.

The main problem is that to determine the radioactive elements in mushrooms can only specialists. They say, at the irradiation no taste, no color. Radiation accumulates in the body and when it will show itself, a matter of time. It is better to save money and to ask the seller a license. A matter of seconds.

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