Water Poltergeist

February 11, 2012 15:44

Poltergeist phenomena known since ancient times, the word is translated as "noisy spirit." As a rule, it all begins with movements of small objects and the sound, the source of which can not be set. In the case of "water poltergeist", in the air there are streams of water, pour the walls, furniture and floors.
Explain the poltergeist phenomenon scientists are still not in force. The most popular theory explaining this phenomenon is a manifestation of a cryogenic effect. It's instant, sometimes The explosive, change the temperature in a small area. Perhaps for this reason, there is an allocation of moisture from the air. Explosion "kriobomby" is able to move and even destroy objects.

 There are cases when the homes instead of streams of water appeared from nowhere other liquids — oil, sandalwood oil, and even blood. For example, in August 1985 in the French town of Saint-Quentin family Bijlmer completed repairs to their home. After six months on the carpets and walls of the living room began to exude tiny drops of dark red color. Then, for a while it stopped, but when the couple Bijlmer again found stains on the bed, they left the house in terror. When the police were in the house and experts, the whole house was covered in dried stains inside. Analyses have shown that it is human blood, but the explanation of the phenomenon has not yet been found.
Remarkable case, which occurred in the house of the priest Noversa English in 1919. From the ceiling and walls of the house suddenly dripped oil. Initially, it was decided that the home is on the fields, which are not known, but it turned out that the oil was a highly refined, and a mixture of kerosene and gasoline. After a while, instead of oil was leaking water, and the mixture of sandalwood oil with DCM. The owner researched every corner of his house, but the source of the appearance of liquids and is not found.
Most often, of course, people are faced with a "water poltergeist." For example, Francis Martin of Massachusetts, sitting in his living room, watching a football game. Suddenly there was a loud noise and the walls of the flooded water. Then a jet of water poured from the ceiling and walls. Is repeated every 20 minutes. Martin's family was forced to leave home and move in with relatives. However, a water poltergeist and there continued to pursue them — shortly after moving house relatives also was completely flooded. Arriving plumbers are not found in the house of any damaged pipe. Once the valves were closed, the water still continued to flow, and the source can not be determined.
Residents of a Czech village for several years pursued a phenomenon when the walls of their homes, as well as clothing and furniture appeared strange patches of orange. As a result of the analysis revealed that the substance is a solution of iron oxide, that is rust. Identify the source of stains and how they appear indoors and failed.
Most experts believe that the perpetrators of the poltergeist are often people with psychokinetic abilities. Another one reason water poltergeist is teleportation. For some unknown reason, the substance can be transferred from one place to another. It may also be about the activities of supernatural forces, but that's the purpose for which they are doing — is unclear. The first feeling that comes when faced with poltergeist — this animal terror, mixed with a sense of powerlessness and inability to explain what is happening.

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