We ship one decision — to give up!

Removed from the presidential election Vitebsk businessman Vladimir Pravalski, almost all of the signatures that were rejected by election commissions, said today, "Freedom", which so far has not received any official explanation. And if you will, according to him, will be sure to sue.

Meanwhile, in Grodno, Mogilev region and in other regions of the opposition activists today challenged in the courts of the results of the formation of election commissions.

Vitebsk Region

Vladimir Pravalski "reasoned refusal I have not yet given"

Vitebsk entrepreneur Vladimir Pravalski, despite earlier statements of representatives of the Central Election Commission, waiting for the official response will register him as a candidate in the presidential election. He expects that the denial of the right to run for the written and reasoned — then it will go to court:

Vladimir Pravalski

"Of course, I have to register as a candidate for the presidency of the Republic of Belarus, or deny, but at the same time issue a reasoned decision. I stress motivated! But I predict the experience of participation in the last local elections — I ran for the — generally can not respond. Did not write it! That is what happened in the local elections — a reasoned refusal did not let me. "

Vladimir Pravalski recalls that supposed to run to the regional council in the last election. But, he said, "documents the commission were not even considered," and even a candidate he did not.

Recall, voiced by the Central Election Commission data, only 700 signatures in support of Vladimir Pravalski real, others — photocopies.


Denied motion BNF "Revival" Party "Fair World".

October Mogilev district court dismissed the complaint Left Party "Fair World" and the movement "BNF" Renaissance. " Prosecutors sought a court ruling to change the October district administration on the formation of election commissions, to include their representatives.

In 69 district election commissions stood 31 opposition of the four organizations. None of them did not get the commission. According to the complainants, the Commission can not be set up to ensure equality of competition all the contenders for the presidency. Prosecutors accused the administration of violating the election law and the Constitution.

In fact, we have proved in the court that all the commissions created under one candidate for the presidency.

"In fact, we have proved in the court that all the commissions created under one candidate for the presidency. Commission established under the principle of the production: the employee, director, deputy director of an enterprise. They proceeded only from the technical feasibility work on the commission. I asked them: "And the credibility of the election are you going to provide? 'Why did not you include the opposition?" — "We do not take this into account," — said the representative of the Front for the trial, human rights activist Boris Buhel.

The reasons for non-inclusion of the opposition administration called the lack of relevant work experience, the retirement age of the nominees, as well as the lack of a permanent job.

Court Natalia Kantsedal, Alexander Romanov in their dooms plaintiffs called baseless arguments and left them unsatisfied.

Today, the same sentence Krichevsky District Court ruled on two other complaints filed by the United Civil Party. November 9 the same court rejected the three complaints movement "Popular Front" Revival. " November 8 Leninsky court Mogilev also rejected the complaints Left Party "Fair World" movement "Popular Front" Revival "and the NGO" Human Rights Center Mogilev. "

Grodno region

Today, the courts ended inconclusively

In Grodno only 6 representatives of democratic parties and movements are included in the precinct commissions, more than a hundred refused. Representatives of the opposition today in the courts failed to achieve anything.

In Grodno today lawsuits complaints from members of opposition political parties were conducted in the morning, and then another in the afternoon. Positive results for the opposition was not.

Vladimir Khilmanovich

In the Leninsky court spokesman BSDG Vladimir Khilmanovich said that, in fact, to date, the electoral commission the Leninsky district is not legally formed as a vote for the approval of the commissions was not conducted:

"Lawyer of the executive committee could not really answer any of my questions. I asked — at what point the claim and when they voted for the commissions? I drew the court's attention to this fact, but no one wanted in this deal, call additional witnesses. "

Similar decisions have been handed down in other legal proceedings where the complaint filed by representatives of democratic parties.

It is noteworthy that in Grodno in the election commissions 74% are women. Opposition members attribute this to the fact that women are more dependent on the government because of the social problems.

Gomel Oblast

Now the turn of the Regional Courts

The courts of first instance in the Gomel region rejected virtually all the complaints on the formation of election commissions. Complaints to the court was 6 — from citizens and organizations of the party.

Valery Rybchenko

Says the head of Zhlobin district organization "Fair World" Valery Rybchenko:

"At trial, the representative of the district executive committee said that the last time one of our nominees were in commission and its actions destabilized the work of the commission. Of course, I explained to the court that this was not the case. Destabilized the commission chairman of the village council, which was not even a member of the commission.

Vydvizhenka of our party basically reacted to his duties, and found many irregularities during the last election campaign in local councils. "

Judge Snyazhana Golovenchik, which considered the complaint of the district organization of the party left, called the claims "far-fetched".

Now Zhlobinskaya activists are turning their grievances to the regional court.


Campaign yet — leaflets against the opposition has emerged

Provocative leaflets against the activists of the alternative candidates are now in Brest.

Member of the initiative groups of several presidential candidates on Brest Victor Tchaikovsky found in my mailbox a flyer with the logo of the campaign "Tell the Truth", in which the dissemination of the allegedly unfair political activism:

"The leaflet under the name of Nicholas Bucket, coordinator of the campaign" Tell the Truth ", it is written that I have all the time in the four headquarters was on the money of people rubbing points. Ostensibly rates alone, but I'm talking about other people. Another well — like collaborating with the secret services.
And so on. "

In Brest had previously appeared like leaflets under the logo "Tell the truth" Then they were directed against Artem TERESHENKOV. Both then and now in the output indicates that the printed leaflets allegedly in the Russian city of Lipetsk in the printing house "Bookseller".


Elections 2010

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