What do the candidates to sign up?

According to the CEC, the registration of presidential candidates may be held on November 17-18. And only then will the candidates will be eligible to begin campaigning. And what will be doing to check some of the protests?

According to the schedule of the presidential election campaign, which amounted to the CEC, the registration of candidates to be held from 14 to 23 November. However, according to the CEC Secretary Nikolai Lozovik, meeting of the Central Committee on this issue could take place on 17-18 November. So far, only a candidate Vladimir Pravalski passed the necessary documents for registration: a declaration of income and property, and others.

November 9th is going to include such documents candidate Jaroslav RamanchuHowever, since he agrees that the procedure of registration of candidates — the protracted.

"Could would have to meet with people and work. Then as you start a company, you can immediately appeal, that you have not yet registered and breaking the law. And so here in this limbo looking for forms that would not have been a form of violation of the legislation, but would give the opportunity to work with people. Of course, a lot of work goes through the Internet, where good communication with voters and his supporters. "

Mr. Romanchuk said that in the period before registration is going to do, for example, a visit to the Netherlands to meet with students of the European Humanities University in Vilnius, and visit one of the schools in Minsk. Also, he will hold a press conference on the results of the social development of Belarus for the last five years and will work on promotional materials.

The candidate of the BPF Gregory Kastusyou says that the lack of cases: the preparation of documents, party activities. You will need to cook holding Sojm BPF ":

"Under the law, no longer allowed to campaign, so we refrain. Like or do not like the law, but it should be done. Though not all comply. But we try to observe that there was another reason to remove us from the election."

On Vital Rymasheuski, in a long period prior to the registration Democratic candidates are not on equal footing in comparison with the head of the country's Alexander Lukashenko:

"Is not that just yesterday my name there seems to BT in the list of candidates with a certain rating in a couple of percent. A to authorities and state media have pretended that we have no choice, but there is one candidate. Free conditions is can not be named. Also, non-registration of the BCD complicates our part in the election campaign. On the campaign will be given less than a month. conditions for Belarus is very small. Given the fact that Lukashenko has the right and the opportunity to campaign, negative information pour on the other candidates, it does not free and democratic elections. "

Vitaly Rymashevski said that now his team is preparing activists to campaign. In the near future Vitaly Rymashevski hold a press conference, he also plans to travel to Lithuania, Norway and France.


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