What is honor? Why would a man friendship? The purpose of love?

What is honor?


Today, the notion of trying to replace the words honor chastity and virginity. But the honor was no less important concept, because it determines the ability and the right to human incarnation and gave him a heroic power. The concept of honor was associated with the function of God which a person acquired through sincere service to the gods, and if he loses it because of indiscretions or betrayal of the gods, he was deprived of the divine power, that is, ceased to be God, and took off from the chain of reincarnation.

If conscience allows a person to be in contact with the gods, and the Lord, the honor let him be God. Because the service of the Gods, to enter into contact with them and get them to carry on and, in imitation of God, you become a part of it, ie God himself. Therefore, if a person had the privilege, then it was God.

Imitation of God began with the execution of a human, "Do not do to others what you do not want that, do you." And after mastering it, passed to the Divine "commandments": do not do to others what they do not want them to do. " These principles give rise to a multitude of specific manifestations of honor. One of them was taken over at the dawn of aviation — pilots, "can think and to postpone making a decision, but if you took it, the executable to the end, because even if you find a better solution, a change of action may lead to worse results than the performance your first decision. "

But all these conclusions principles specific, and there can be vast. The main thing is to always ask yourself, as it were, in this case, God did. The loss of honor was connected with the loss of divine power and betrayal occurred after their gods. Therefore, people observed the ritual and tried to live according to the Vedas (commandments).

Close to the concept of honor concept "to be in the spirit." In Russian, survived the expression, "Today I am not in the spirit," or "it is not in the spirit." Be in the spirit — is to be in contact with the Gods, as "the Spirit — is the spark of God."

Why would a man friendship?

Russian culture was rich introductions, proverbs, parables and proverbs. They studied the younger generation how to behave, and that in any case have to do. One of the major provisions that will allow a person to save his honor, was "to die for his friends." Then the man kept the possibility of eternal life.

About friendship and loyalty in the Russian culture preserved many parables. Give only two.

Conceived a son get married and one hundred invited to the wedding of their friends. I learned about the father and asks him:

— Son where you have so many friends, you're still so young.

— Yes, that's got to know.

Also came to the wedding, only one of the guests, and the one that invited sn accident. Sn sad. But the father said to him:

— It is a great blessing that you have at your age already have one. Because many are called friends, but not many people are tested for strength of friendship.

— Why did not they come? — Asks sn.

— Because I invited all your friends wrote that during the wedding will be an attack, and

try to steal the bride and need to stand up for her honor. So come and your only real friend. With him gone all that you have, value his friendship, he had to help him take in all your endeavors and care, because he is your true friend and will not fail and will not betray you. He passed the test, because he has the honor.

This parable tells us that every person must pass a test of friendship. Another Russian proverb speaks of friendship priority over other forms of interaction, which is only possible between people with honor.

A boy and a girl fell in love. But the trouble, the girl's parents were against their marriage. Because he grew up without a father, who was killed by his enemies, and for which he unsuccessfully chased recent years. And he conspired with his girlfriend that she secretly run away, and then they can get married. We agreed on the day and place of the meeting, when he will take her away from her home. On the appointed day, when I had been traveling to a meeting, he was a messenger brings two messages: first, that in their village came by his opponents, who killed his father, and today is gone, and the second, to the village of his friends and jumping about to arrive.

What to do? Go fetch the bride, with whom he had arranged at the appointed place? Meet friends, which is about to appear, or go to catch enemy who killed his father? Confused guy and decided to ask the advice of my mother, as it is better to do. The wise woman was his mother.

She says to him:

-the bride was waiting, and if you like, do not be offended, and wait again. Enemy, no matter how much hiding, still turn up again and again. A friend came by respecting them, that they had no grievance against you, that their friendship is not lost, because there is nothing more important than friendship.

Followed the advice of his mother's youth, so did he. He met his old friends with treats and honors, the table is set and put everything he had. Eat, have fun visit, but they see the owner is not cheering:

— What cause have caused you grief — ask.

Boy told them their sorrows. Otel, guests drank and say to him:

— We are waiting for urgent matters. And retired, but soon returned:

— Go out into the yard, they say, man, we want to honor you.

He went out and saw the bride sitting on a horse, but a dead enemy is on the ground.

This parable priorities. If chastity transmits force physically and can not be another way to buy, the friendship and honor to give the opportunity to get the divine power by thinking about their actions and choose the right thing. That's why Earth's invaders put a curse not only on virginity and chastity, but also the friendship and honor.

While this parable was written in Russian Cossacks, we see here is the influence of Catholicism, because here it seems that the Russian killed, in fact, they can only allow himself to deprive his enemy forces acting on it so that it turned into a harmless creature.

Goebbels, despite the fact that he was a pagan, was fond of repeating the ancient Orthodox parable: "If two people have the same aim, in the universe there is no force that could hinder the implementation of their goals." Because one plus one — not two forces and eleven forces. One plus one plus one to three other, but it is not the three forces, and one hundred and eleven forces, while four others — is 1111 one thousand one hundred and eleven forces. Therefore, Russian did not fight in the army, and in squads

The purpose of love

Today's love is focused on the outside of its manifestations: met, kissed, slept together. In this love ends. Once again, it is necessary to meet and go through the whole process again, to experience the thrill of knowing. All literature generally exaggerates this approach, imposing, thus beginning a love relationship as the goal. But after the third singles, the thrill is practically absent.

Indeed, the goal of love is not familiar with its initial stage of development of relations, and the achievement of the half — the higher states that liken man to God, because they have a person can create and perform miracles. From Russian specifically removed all words for other emotional states, so people on them do not know. You can see for yourself, counting the number of words preserved in the Russian language, denoting emotional states (about the other languages I do not say anything.) Joy and Rage (old yarodast). Last now associated with anger, although it was associated with the Fire, because this state is the person received from God Yarily. The rest of remakes such delight (which is a synonym of joy), sadness, depression, grief and suffering — are associated with destructive emotions, which the Orthodox in the past was not, or of phenomena that have been argued in the Orthodox community (BoE + bargain).

In the past, people have emotional system was well developed as the person passing rituals to the gods, finding out what emotion while he arose and how it differs from other emotions. Additionally emotions gods are acknowledged greetings, and for each of God was his greeting, argued that emotion. So for Sventovita greeting was "prosperity", and all the people in the last month of his patronage to greet each other, wishing prosperity. During the period of protection of the goddess Lada, wished each other "frets and consent." And all emotional states that have invested in the welcome-wishes, and were called Ra-willing, Yaro-willing, Harmony Dust, Swieta give — and so all 24 first god of the Pantheon. Development of emotions that allow people to create. Compare the old things with the modern: clothing, jewelry, Russian architecture. 'How are they smart, beautiful, elegant, complex and enjoyable than modern things that are against the old things look just misery. Emotions are also allowed to explore the world and to display it correctly. If you have experienced the joy of discovery and learning, it is enough to remember the emotion, and you'll begin to discover and learn.

Developed emotional system was needed in order to prepare a person to become a God.

Emotional potential accumulation led to ecstasy. Ecstasy is the basis of evolution, which is not only the new capabilities of the organism, but also was able to make organic metamorphosis with the body to restore the lost and grow new organs, which previously did not exist.

The concept of ecstasy went from contemporary culture, as it introduced the Catholic tradition. Ecstasy is trying to bring inspiration, but to him, he has nothing. Ecstasy can be triggered by sexual intercourse, but it is not limited to the eruption of the seed. Ecstasy — is accumulated emotional potential, when you break his teeth or even lose consciousness of everlasting happiness presence of another person. It does not matter what you do, just to touch or look, ready writing, or watering the flowers. Rapture occurs as a resonance and initially it can only be a spouse, provided that they are prepared for a long time with each other food, and one-soaked and shared frequencies. Ecstasy usually lasts for days, and some people believe that it is their ongoing orgasm. Ecstasy can be caused by sexual intercourse, but more often it occurs without him.

The loss in the culture of ecstasy is associated with the loss of male chastity before marriage, in this case, a man can only resonate with his first woman, and his wife go to the resonance only after many years.

The second reason for the loss of the modern culture of ecstasy, is crowded life, which leads to the children's masturbation, resulting eventually in a variety of sexual perversions, such as children doom themselves to failure to accumulate potential and to experience strong emotions. Therefore, as adults, they begin to search for these emotions, changing partners and trying all kinds of perversions, which, definitely no high emotion can not give.

Explain why children have a wank, there are only naive, basically it comes down to the fact that children can not be left alone, and they have it out of loneliness. In reality, everything comes from the biological induction if acts of intercourse between husband and wife are in a place where their children live, no matter where they occur: when the kids are asleep or when they are not at home, sexual emotions, from you or from your apartment things are passed to children. That is why our ancestors in the mid 50-ies of the last century was special for this area, summer houses, and earlier acts of intercourse took place outdoors, in gardens and groves. So everything is growing and fragrant, and the children grew up, not thinking about sexual matters before puberty, which occurred for 23-25 years.

Today, to enhance biological sex induction people placed in the panel box, in which the children, because the induction of sexual adults reach sexual maturity as early as 12-13 years (and in Europe there were cases in 7 years), and it does not depend on what you do not have sexual intercourse in her apartment. They occur in neighboring apartments, and their influence is no less than if they occur in your home. Therefore, if we want to have healthy children, we do not have to live in boxes, and live in his house, which required the presence of the garden, the main absorbers of emanation of lust, which in this case will not be affected by your children. And then we have to remember to be a god, you must have your own garden. You can not become God, eating other people's food from the supermarket.

High state pulled from the world highest Soul, which may be on the level even higher than the gods. In this case, having children is the best of its kind since giving birth from another tribe, the more distant of the structure, these children are born with a weakened divine abilities and painful, not because of the coincidence frequency of the child and the mother. Hence the mother during gestation can be toxicosis.

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