What is meant by: Cross you have no or Put a cross on it!

What kind of cross, Jesus spoke to his disciples? Where they were to follow with his cross? What is the procession? What is meant by: "Cross you have no" or "Put a cross on it!"

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VSESLAV (GLOBE Igor), an elder of the community of Vedic Aryan culture of the Russian "CENTURY RA", Krasnodar.

From the magazine "Vedic Culture» № 1

"Take your cross, follow me n …"
Luke (chapter 9, article 23), Matt. (Gl.16, Article 24), Mark (Chapter 8, Article 34).

In the mind of an atheist, probably, any associative images related to the cemetery. The believer — to Golgotha or walking around the church with public displays of various crosses of wood and metal, carrying them in chains, wearing around his neck, and finally … the cemetery.

We see right was "Pharaoh" of the proletariat, whose mummy, his presence among the living, still recalls his immortal phrase, "Religion is the opium of the people!".

What else, if not the opium of delirium may be caused by such associative images in the public mind esteemed compatriots? After all, neither atheism nor religion bother to invest in their head and heart the idea that it is a cross that would have called the energy-atheist and religious-spiritual.

Those believers who struck a guess: "Oh, I know!" Will have to disappoint you: "I do not know!" And then, please, "to find out! If you read this article … ".

The information presented in this article are blessed to publicize the Council of Elders of the Orthodox Slavs-conservatives.

Vedic culture of Slavs and Aryans attaches great importance to the cross. And deservedly! After all, this sacred symbol carries a huge meaning. It symbolizes the infinite number of values, events and images in all three of our conscious worlds: Navi, Reveal and law.

Various images of a cross from the Slavs and Aryans are more than 144-x. And this is just basic! However, in contrast to the fixed crosses foreign religions, Slavic-Aryan cross, like life itself, is in a constant cycle! It symbolizes the movement of electrons neighborhood (around) the nucleus of the atom, the motion of the planets Yarily neighborhood — the sun, the movement of the visible part of the sky (from the point of view of the ground observer) neighborhood star Tara motion of the solar system neighborhood center of the galaxy, the motion of the galaxy neighborhood center of the universe, and the dynamic intersection interactions in the universe of Spirit and Matter, Life and death, light and darkness, truth and falsehood …

Moving cross Slavs and Aryans represent a rich variety of graphic shapes and color combinations. In written texts of his image is portrayed by four runes. Fleece "Swa" — means heaven (hence — Wedding, more precisely, the NEA DE BO — NEA (heavenly) DE (yanie) BO (GOV). Fleece "c" — means the direction of motion, and two runes "tick" — refers to the rotation run, change. still children playing, shouting: "tick!", ie move quickly, shortening of collisions.

So rotating Cross Life which carry Slavs and Aryans called the Swastika.

How do they bear it? To understand this, consider the image and likeness of God, or, in modern terms, spiritual energy structure of Man.

The Slavs and Aryans it is a radiant 16-dimensional energy-cocoon that is outside the material time and space. Projection of its manifestations in the 4-dimensional (length, width, height and time) of the material world has the shape of a 9-lit with different colors of the rainbow energy dolls nested one inside the other. The projection of the internal (very small) energy-cocoon-dolls for an observer in the material world, is seen in black, the projection of the outside, the greatest, shines silvery white. All the inner spiritual energy cocoons (from smallest to largest) are perceived in the colors: red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, purple.

They glow and shape — the result of the interaction of energy-flow penetrating worlds Navi, Reveal and normally collected Will God, in His own image, in the spirit and power cross, consisting of 37-core and 144-x support rotating swastikas. While 9 of them are the most important and shine most brightly. This is the Man and His Cross. True, this is possible only mature spiritual eyes.

Now the eyes see only the physical rough-shell material in the form of a bag of bones and muscles, covered with leather, although even this shell, with good posture and horizontal spread apart his hands, like a cross. It is the most energy-dense and material structure of man. But it is riddled with energies chemical degradation and synthesis, as well as electromagnetic flow, control through the central nervous system of coordinated activity of internal organs. You have seen the projections of these streams in the form of cardiograms and EEG (graphic displays of electromagnetic pulses of the heart and brain).

What is beyond the perception of bodily eyes? The same cross, which Jesus told his disciples! By the way, the very first of them (even before Jesus called Andrew and canonized 12 apostles) was a Slav — Apostle Arius. Note Arian church originated one of the first after the mission of Christ in Judah, and had in his picture of the world the least religious and philosophical perversion, for which he has been subjected to harassment. But this is a topic for another article, if it will interest readers.

So, Slavic-Aryan spiritual-energetic cross consists of a 9-most powerful svastichnyh Energy vortices topographically corresponding spinal cord and brain.

The first of these is located in the coccyx. As a result of the fact that it draws the most and least likely to radiate energy and information, the color is perceived as black. It is called the Source.

The second — in the spine at the level of bodily pubis. Its color is red. Name — was born.

The third energy vortex is located near the spinal neural stem at the height of the physical body cord. His color is orange. He called the Belly (Life).

Fourth svastichny spinning vortex of energy in the solar plexus and the first (bottom) fused ribs. Color — gold. Name — Percy (Chest).

The fifth and sixth are swastikas in the shoulder joints and armpits Hand (right hand) and Shui (left hand). Swastika Hand shines green and called the Lada. Swastika Shui has blue light and is called Lola. Moreover, the direction of rotation of the Lada — Kolovrat (navstechu Sun), and Lelia — deosil (in the sun).

Seventh vortex is at the connection level spinal cord and brain. Color blue. Name of the mouth (lips).

Eighth swastika rotates in the brain at the level of the mid-brow. Shines in purple and is called Chelo.

Ninth whirlwind circling the crown, and not in the vertical and in the horizontal plane. Shining silver-white color. Name it — Spring.

The above cross fills our body, soul and spirit Life Force of God, which is full of the universe is also abundant, as the atmosphere — air.

Source, was born and belly draw the life out of the world, Navi.

At the same time incorporates the Power Source of the Earth, providing vital functions of the organic body.

Originating takes energy from other living beings as well, absorbs and emits energy propagation. Through the swirling flow in a woman is man's strength, necessary for conception and childbearing, the energy of the male seed, the energy patterns of the Spirit and the Blood of her husband Rod. With this flow of life force in a woman are the gifts of her husband: Blessing of a married Rhoda (she received the patronage of her husband Rod than Rod patronage of her father), Gift of Motherhood, Women Share (inexhaustible gift of mutual love of husband and children) and ancestral memory (intuitive epiphany experience of their ancestors in the female line and the creation of an atmosphere of love and Maintaining Harmony in the family and the house). As a man enters through engender gift from his wife Dar Fatherhood (mutual love for her and the children, the ability to bring the highest quality of their souls, talent training sons wisdom of life, martial arts and their profession, talent training in the daughters of the best qualities of future wives, the talent of spiritual education his wife and children to make them follow a God).

Through the abdomen (Life) A man takes the vitality and wisdom of Roda. At first, in the womb, through the umbilical cord, and then, after birth, from the Supreme Progenitor in images: the patron god Rod Goddess Alive and Star-Lord. This energy controls the birth and development of the Life of Man, first in his father's seed, and then in the womb of his mother. Abdomen (Life) controls the lower energy centers, as well as the entire life of the individual, including the conception of his children, their birth and upbringing. If a higher energy-centers are not developed and deliberately not used to them — this is not a man, but only to live (residents).

Three vortex: Percy (Chest), Lada and Lola emits life-bearing world energy Reveal.

Percy (Chest) provides a "solar wind," and receives and transmits information and power of artistic creation, revealing the ability to co-create objects Explicit world. Percy also manages the process of finding and transfer of military, industrial, administrative and management skills, the ability to creatively organize the living space around them: the house, the family, the family farm, in the workplace, in the village (village). As the development of these opportunities, people learn to organize themselves around the living space in the city, Vesey (area), Power, on Earth (planet).

Lada emits energy of love, affection, happiness.

Lola provides an intuitive knowledge of the world Reveal and intuitive creativity in it (technical inventions, scientific discoveries). If a higher spiritual energy centers are not developed and deliberately not used — it still is not man, but only human beings (Person of). However, even if these centers are well developed, about people saying, "Man of the Harnack!"

The top three vortex: mouth (mouth), a man and a spring emits energy in life world of fame (the higher levels of Bright Navi). In addition, a spring, in addition to the world of glory, and is associated with the world of rules.

Mouth (mouth) provides a person the perception and transmission of energy sensory images. All the representatives of the arts used in his work this spiritual energy center. It helps to bring to the world of the Great Reveal more of the higher worlds.

Man to understand and reproduce Imagery governing higher intellectual and spiritual development, enables Clairvoyance and clairaudience, ie visual and auditory perception of a multidimensional (5 to 16 dimensions) of the world will, and of past and future of the world Reveal and parallel worlds.

Spring sees and radiates Higher Spiritual images of the world of glory and spiritual ways of the world are right. Spring — the main body of interaction with the ascended ancestors, gods — the patrons of Rod and the Supreme Ancestor.

One who has developed the mental and spiritual abilities to consciously perceive and manage the Life Force mouth Chela and springs deservedly gets the title of a man carrying his cross.

Hopefully, now understand what Jesus said to his disciples? That's right, he invited them to follow his spiritual experience and become demigods.

What, then, "Procession"? The Christians is walking with candles, church plates and psalms neighborhood (around) the settlement, the affected epidemic to cure ailments. In addition, they attend a neighborhood church at Easter, to symbolize "walking the Myrrh-bearers to the tomb of the Lord," in the hope of seeing him not dead, but alive.

In the Original (old) Vera Slavs and Aryans — is the ritual of sedition — the daily meetings that were held and the "bearing of the Cross", following his older brother — God Yarily that fills the Light of Truth of God — "Ra" (Sun), the solar system and inhabitants of its 27-Earths (planets) in the three worlds: Navi, Reveal and the Government, that is, Slavo-Aryan Sedition — this rite of becoming God-like Yarily.

Expression, "Cross you have no" — it incrimination someone that it is not man or degraded with the human level of consciousness to humanity.

"Put a cross on someone" can only person who has reached the level of consciousness of a demigod or God, granted to his pupil to more quickly reach their spiritual potential.

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