When sharks are falling from the sky!

April 25, 2012 6:09

Back … to the bishop, the Indian silently removed his cloak and threw out his feet priest rose. All participants immediately fell to his knees, as seen on the coat amazing image of the Virgin, surrounded by radiant solar corona.

Amazing coincidence

Her first said Tom Huxley, an employee of a local bank, who came out of the house and headed towards the parking lot where his car, the smell of rotten fish, and then saw the shark lying on the pavement.

Huxley said that it was quite unexpected. Before that he was just at a party before leaving and playing the guitar melody from the famous movie "Jaws." And right after that to see a shark, and even where it should not be, for it was an amazing coincidence. Dr. Ian Horsfall biology from the University of Swansea, acquainted with the body predator, said that blue sharks in principle — not so rare in the Irish Sea. But only in the summer, in the winter, they go quite far from the coast, and catch them in the sea almost impossible.

So that the option of fishermen who caught the "mistress of sea water," of hooliganism threw her in the city center, disappears. Whence, then, she has appeared? Before we try to answer this question, it should be noted that this is not the first time that the sharks are there, where do they "swim" in no way can.

Thus, in August 2011, two brothers from the American city of Milton, New Hampshire, also found dead in the forest and have already begun to decompose shark. They went at it for quite a strong and unpleasant smell, spreading around. Finding guys surprised. "You can expect that you will see in the woods dead deer or something, but the shark — it's something unheard of," — commented on the story of one of the brothers Lloyd Ellis.

When sharks are falling from the sky!

Soon after the discovery of dead fishes in place come fishing specialists and police departments, who identified it as the blue shark (in Ireland!) And suggested that the predator thrown into the woods careless fishermen. Most likely, they did not have a license to fish in the Atlantic Ocean and, having learned that the lack of a document can be punished, they decided to get rid of the production. So, they say, the shark and ended up in the woods.

They decided on this, the police left the shark carcass rot in place and went home. Fishermen who allegedly without a license, first with difficulty, paired with great danger to life, vytyagali aboard his ship 50-pound two-meter individual, then returned to the port, in front of everyone loaded her into the car and then, as the last fools, took her 72 kilometers from the coast, where he decided to throw it away, of course, did not look.

Whales can not crawl

A month later, in 800 meters from the British Humber River, on the part of the East Yorkshire area, local residents found in the grass ten-multi-ton dead whale carcass! Experts from the society for the protection of wildlife in Yorkshire, without further ado, said that young female sei whale, while in the river, which flows into the North Sea, the tide seems to run aground, and then was on the shore, then another, and capsized on its side. In this position, a whale spout cut off the head and died.

In this case, from the mouth of the experts for some reason have not heard the words that the width of the tide in the area, is only a few tens of meters (in rare cases). From which it follows that the sei whale if he could "sit" on a bank, it is only in the immediate vicinity of the Humber river bed, but not 800 meters away! And maybe, once on the ground, he decided to take a closer look to find out what the land, and crawled into flowering meadows?

This assumption may be taken if the whales were able to crawl. But, unfortunately, the whales — not crabs and crabs. Meteorologists believe that the sharks, whales and even elephants are sometimes out of their environment, are carried from place to place by powerful tornadoes and waterspouts, which, as you know, the strength and not so! Researchers of anomalous phenomena and ufologists believe this hypothesis is only partly true and push, in turn, the other two versions.

The first is that the fall from the sky living or dead things — the work of space aliens, who are thus thrown after the experiments of his ships' waste material. " According to the second — an indication that the world around us — just one of many of parallel worlds that at times "runs" to each other (as more fully described in the latest special issue of "AN", dedicated teleportation), resulting in being released to the "intersection", moves in space and includes, for example, from the waters of the ocean on a blooming meadow or on the carriageway. However, neither the one nor the other version of the show is not yet possible …

Gennady Fedotov, "Abnormal news»

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