White-headed Duck yes Grisha: I go to the polls



White-headed Duck:
I go to the polls
In beautiful svitery
I, Popov and Ford —
We go to the polls.

I go to the polls
In facebook, twitter
Let indicate nick:
I went to the polls.

White-headed Duck:
Ghawar me Sidorov
"In 100 grams of elections
We would drink nyaploha.
We do not have Kinder. "

I go to the polls
In the middle of the crowds.
Nepotism and bribery …
Say "No!" Dictator.

White-headed Duck:
Elections burybury …
Where Popov, where Sidorov?
In the eyes of hyperbole
Excess etat letters were.

I go to the polls.
Choosing a leader …
Oh, what am I going?
Before the election is still more than a month!

White-headed Duck:
Elections durybary
That's the same p … p, Sidorov!
Today vytrezvitselya
'll Pasyatsitselem.

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