Who is behind the looting of Syrian history

Who is behind the looting of Syrian historyAncient artifacts purposefully been stolen and traded for weapons. Who is the main customer is referred to theft?

Syria is at the crossroads of cultures and religions for thousands of years, but the ongoing civil war, supported by the United States, leading to the destruction of the world's antiquities. All six monuments inscribed on the UNESCO list, suffered damage. The looting of archaeological sites depriving the country the chance to rely on economic growth that is based on the end of the conflict would be tourism. But it's not only that.

Syrian kotrabandisty work under the order: "The war is useful for us. We buy cheap ancient artifacts and sell expensive weapons. The rebels need arms and antiquities are a cheap way for their production. " An expanding market of priceless treasures of this ancient land leads to the extension and intensification of the conflict, write in Time Aryn Baker and Maidana Anjar. But this phenomenon has its skrytae reasons.

In "The destruction of ancient testimonies true story continues" we talked about the systematic destruction during the "Egyptian Spring" ancient documents, which show that the story is not as developed as it is imagined and described the Jews in the so-called "Tanakh." As a result of arson destroyed the original description of the ancient Egypt, as well as priceless maps and historical manuscripts, which were stored in the Science Center since its inception. In Egypt it was already at least the third destruction of historical evidence. In order to conceal the historical information destroyed ancient doukmenty deviating from myths of Judaism, particularly the Alexandrian library. So from the National Museum in Cairo in 2011, looters carried off the wooden handle with inscriptions Join "to leaf beaten work of gold, webs." But fan of gold, they "reason" was not touched. Were also destroyed mummies who have "on papyrus and linen bandages that wrapped mummies were discovered various texts … some … of the Etruscan language."

Maintaining the mythology of the Old Testament of the "corporate culture" explain and hunting for artifacts from the National Museum of Iraq. It lost the most valuable artifacts of the ancient time and times "Babylonian captivity", refuting the Abrahamic version of history presented erveyami.

It is no accident, and is preparing an attack on Iran, whose President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad at the opening ceremony of the exhibition "Treasures dzhiroftskoy civilization" on the return of illegally exported artifacts to the UK, said that "the Zionists have created a false 2500-year old culture for themselves, to deprive others of their nation historical roots. "

In 2011, we warned that they are targeted at the Syrian National Museum …

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