Why guest workers will not go to Lithuania

Economists surveyed which information portal Delfi, said that after the simplification of border rules Belarusians do not swing over to Lithuania to work. First, there are more attractive markets, and secondly, Lithuania itself is not too committed workers.

Despite the difficult economic situation in the country, the Belarusians are unlikely to gush to work in neighboring Lithuania. This opinion was expressed Lithuanian economist Valdemaras Katkus. According to earlier information, the Lithuanian parliament has planned to This year, adopt a simplified procedure for crossing the border for residents of both countries.

According to Katkus, both legal and illegal employment of immigrants from Belarus, Russia and more trap Poland:

"Without a doubt, because of the Russian language and cultural environment more comfortable than Lithuania. If we talk about the countries of the European Union, the Belarusians can go to Lithuania, Latvia and Poland. In this case, the more attractive for them to Poland, where a bigger market, more and more people, it's easier to hide if you're an illegal alien, "- said Katkus. In Lithuania, people who want to work legally, faced with a rather strict system of employment.

Director of the Centre for Geopolitical Studies Greta Monica Tuchkutse also believes that the threat of mass migration of Belarusians in Lithuania, no. The interviewee from the expected Delfi simplify border crossing to see the benefits of the Lithuanian primarily that Belarusians in Lithuania will buy goods and currency, which houses is not enough, and will be able to visit more often Lithuanian resorts.

Analyst Research Centre Europe Vytautas Gere notes another benefit from more open borders. Belarusians, in his opinion, the eyes will be able to see life in the near abroad, which would promote democratic change in the Belarusian society closed to the West.

Delfi portal meanwhile recalls that promulgated last year of integration of the migration index showed that the policy of integration of foreigners in Lithuania — one of the worst in Europe. Lithuania was on the 27th place with the thirty-first

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