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Vladimir, why do you say and write hard NOT Minsk and Minsk? First, it is unnatural, and, second, perhaps, not so essential. Agree that we live with you and another two million Belarusians still in Minsk. Why hold on to the archaic form?

Tatyana Polyakova Leontievna

Inmy home library typed three dozen books, which is indicated on the title, they released material in Minsk. Immediately emphasize that we are not talking about the end of XX — beginning of XXI century (such publications I have hundreds), of 1920-1930's. Agree that the times are not the most archaic. Apparently, someone said to be an eye-opener, because then the city was officially called just Minsk. This name can be read at the then documents and photos, see in the newsreels, meet in the museum's autographs our literary classics.

Imagine that hundreds of thousands of people were living in Minsk almost to the middle of the last century (as in the period of the German occupation, the name of the back), and there is nothing unnatural seen.

Why? Because of his nine-plus centuries of recorded history seven-plus our current capital is called Minsk.

If at any celebration about the "Day of the City" in2007 m Chairman of the Executive Committee of the mouth sounds, that "940 years ago, was founded by our handsome Minsk," I choked laugh, because then the city was not founded, and burned and destroyed (and associated with this first mention in the annals). But moreover, I remembered that the troops of the prince of Kiev Yaroslav Izjaslava with accomplices committed a just with Minsk. In "The Tale of Bygone Years" is in black and white that they "copulate warriors … pridosha to Minsk. "

Magdeburg right to self-government1499-m also received Minsk.

And after two years, when Simeon opened the second in the whole Muscovy printing (in our state, by the way, at that time there were 134 similar businesses), the neighbors knew that Minsk — Minsk it. Me scribes were sitting in their orders and Moscow, as if employed by Zeno Pazniak now, Strachey: Minsk, Minsk, Minsk … If you do not believe me, look through published in 1972 a collection of antique integration — "Russian-Belarusian ties in2nd half of the XVII century. "

However, at the end of the same XVII century when whiteRussian language lost in the ON state functions and as such it was replaced by the Polish, the name of Minsk altered to polish manners — Minsk. As the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, which included the Duchy, Minsk was already one (Mińsk Mazowiecki), we began referring to the Minsk-Litovsk. Polish name retained after the partition of the state and the Russian colonizers.

If someone does not give me confidence that the "Minsk" — is in Polish, I advise you to find in the magazine «Slavia Orientalis» article on this topic Polish Slavist with a European reputation Antonina Obrembskogo-Yablonsky.

The creators of the Belarusian People's Republic of name restored. "Fathers" Byelorussian SSR took their example and then against his, the mother did not. It was not until December 1939, when the long arm of the Bolsheviks, and to have reached "Minsk". Dangerous for its connection with the past and the remnants of fevdalnay natsdemavshchynay e replaced by a reliable and. However, the book with the same name "Minsk" on the title continued to come in1940 …

Maybe someone feels comfortable in Minsk. But I more comfortable in Minsk. And it is not just me. For example, Leon Volsky. He even wrote a song about it.

A pleasant walk through Minsk.
Small shops showcases rustic burn
There Gothic towers of the old churches,
There are tiles and pavers, there are courtyards and walls …

A residence in the Minsk city executive committee and,
And the ice rink, and a concrete fence …

Incidentally, the executive committee. Few people remember that the proposal to return capital aboriginal name sounded in the early years of independence at the sessions of the Minsk City Council. City Newspaper those blessed years, "Good evening," came out, if memory serves, it was in Minsk.

We live in different times, but … Many of my books in Minsk did not want to print, and they came in Minsk. And yesterday got mail, and three envelopes in the address — Minsk. Well, let's say, in a backward Fate Angeles for a Regulation of 1939 might not be aware. And in the village and Rossony Bagdanavtsy Luninetsk area? .. And there seems to have been forgotten.

And I note that in the post office "error" for a long time not correct, as she had once been a legendary Nadia pochtalonka of Silverfish, that she could not read and call me Orlov.

Some may laugh with me, but I still remain to live in Minsk.

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