Wildfires in Spain since the beginning of the year killed 140 thousand hectares of forest

Wildfires in Spain killed since the beginning of 2012 140,000 hectares of forest, the highest figure in the last 10 years, said the Ministry of Agriculture and the Environment.

For seven months of the year in Spain wildfires have destroyed three times more forest than in all of 2011.

From January to August 2012 were registered in Spain 3000 893 forest fires, of which twenty-four were given the highest degree of danger.

Most forest fires — 51% — was noted in the Mediterranean area, and 49% — in the north-west.

Particular resonance in Spain from an ongoing 10 day forest fire on the islands of Tenerife and La Gomera, Canary Islands. Homer burned down 11% of the island, including several hundred hectares of national park Garajonay included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. More than 5000 people were evacuated from the island, sometimes the fire was advancing so rapidly that some residents were forced to flee, leaving all things.

The Spanish public is demanding a thorough investigation into the causes of the sharply increased the number of forest fires. According to the Spanish authorities, the reason for the large number of wildfires has become incredibly arid winter and the 40-degree heat, steady in most of Spain.

Local residents believe that the fire can not effectively deal with the elements due to the economic crisis, when the budget for fighting forest fires had been cut in half, and there is an acute shortage of equipment and supplies.

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