Will the President of Belarus girl's name?


As you know, you're not only books, but also in a historic mitatvorchastsyu. Now you again puts — cultivated the myth that in our history some special role played by women. Yes everywhere role they had, of course, extremely important, but about the same: to bear children, keep the family nest. But there were exceptions among all peoples. We — Euphrosyne of Polotsk, the French — Joan of Arc. I, of course, does not take account of the twentieth century with the emancipation feminizatsyyay yes our time with the whole galaxy of women presidents. So why do you need the fuss?

L. Bor

Bhook to stand his ground. Historical merits of our women, let's say, more than the European average.

Is it a myth — that Rogneda saved the princely dynasty Rogvolodovichey that more than two centuries later defended the independence of Polotsk from Kiev, Radney of the Byzantine emperor and the Danish kings? Who knows, would today Belarus on the political map of the world, so that the one stored chronicles night Rogneda would not take up the sword to avenge Prince Vladimir of burnt hometown and cut the family?

If you mentioned Euphrosyne, try to name a century of European history CRI other enlightener of the same scale.

The laws of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania stood guard property and inheritance rights of women, which also led to their weight in the society of which, by the way, if not impossible, to compare the situation of the crushed "Damastroem" residents of Muscovy.

Our women and knew how to defend their homeland. Like, say, Anastasia Slutskaya, although this person is really quite mythological (but absolutely without my participation). Or, as one of the leaders (or, rather, chairwoman?) Liberation Uprising 1831 Emilia Plater, which created a department of three hundred archers, 60 horsemen, and a few hundred kosinerov and, dressed in male clothes, took them on Dinaburg-Dvinsk. Its called our Litvinsky Joan of Arc, and responded to her death dozens of European poets from England to Italy.

Our women created theaters, as Francis Ursula Radziwill.

Opened the first manufactory, as another representative of this family name Anna Katherine.

Were among the first literary classics, founder of the first political parties, the organizers of the First National Congress of Ministers of the first independent government, as the aunt th Paluta Bodunova.

To become the whole country indisputable moral authority, as Larisa Heniyush and Nina Matyas.

And the sample was allowed to give the ministry of Belarus in exile as memorable Zora was in full swing, as Alla Orsa Romano, as chairman of the BNR Ivonka Survila …

Finally, why did this happen? Maybe our men for centuries chronically short of some qualities, and, realizing this, they gave their "half" a large space for razgarnennya? And maybe the fact that that the Belarusian women — the most beautiful? You go, sometimes, in the subway escalator, staring at the nearby and you think: is ended somewhere near a beauty contest?

My good friend and colleague, a writer from Toronto Kastus Shark, who had seen many countries and women who once told me that in our Europe — exactly the first place, but in the world — in the second, after filipinak. I do not know, do not be.

Can the following words said mitatvorchastsyu. But I all the same I dream of a time when the president Belarus will woman's name.

Female candidates are growing up …

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