With tanker stranded at Iturup, empty the oil

With the tanker "Karakumneft" sat down on a stone Kuril Iturup, decided to pump oil. To do this would involve another tanker, which two days must go to the scene of the accident, said the Head of Civil Defense and Emergency Kuril region Oleg Sakhanenko.

According to him, we also consider the possibility of transferring fuel from the ship's emergency vehicles, fuel trucks, which will take out petroleum products to the city Kurilsk, located 5 kilometers from the area of emergency. But this option will take a very long time, because so far adopted as a backup if it does not transfer the fuel from the tanker to the tanker.

According Rosmorrechflot, tanker "Karakumneft" stranded February 15 at 10:15 Moscow time in the Bay Whale with distance from the pier. On board 950 tons of diesel fuel, has a crew of 20 people. Late in the evening of the same day harbor tug crew was taken off the tanker disaster and is available in the hotel Kurilsk.

Sakhalin Basin rescue management and owner of "Karakumnefti" Vladivostok company "Nico", are preparing for the removal of goods from the tanker. This work will start with the weather improved. Currently Iturup northwestern wind of 15 m / s, wave height — up to 1.5 meters in the Bay of Whales — broken ice and slush.

Rosmorrechflot reports that fuel leaking from the tanker not. But the dispatcher port point Kurilsk report that was leaked on the eve of transport from the accident was a strong smell of oil products.

With reference to the tanker captain, authorities Iturup provide information that "Karakumneft" got two holes in the engine room — the oil and fuel tanks. Apparently, one of them and spilled oil, but today during the day visually leaking oil from the ship has not been observed, ITAR-TASS reported.

On the shores of Bay of Whales is a powerful fish-processing plant, built here hatchery. Sitting on the rocks tanker concern management Kuril region. Tanker "Karakumneft" assigned to the port of Vladivostok, the length of the vessel 88 meters, load capacity — 1600 tons.

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