Without a passport to the Internet will not be allowed

Duma deputies intend to get rid of the anonymity and promoting violence on the Internet. They offer the registration of entering the social network: the user will have to indicate their passport details.

The State Duma of the newly created Committee for the media to offer registration in social networks: one part of the network will have to show your passport, report "Izvestia".

One of the initiators of the amendments, the deputy Vadim Dengin explains tougher rules against pornography and slander.

Consequences of the "certification" network of life in the ether Business FM discussed member of the Federation Council Committee on Science, Education, Culture and Information Policy Ruslan Gattarov and blogger Anton Nosik mediadirektor SUP.

According to Gattarova, innovation "help rid the Internet of child abuse, pornography, slander." However, he believes that at this point, "certification" is not possible "mechanism, as proposed, will solve part of the problem, but it is technically impossible."

"Of course, if you put handcuffs on every citizen and prikuete it to a water pipe, the number of violent crimes that this person can make, will be reduced to zero. Maximum, it will damage the pipe. If you are a person with a score the mouth gag, he did not allow himself any statements that could be classified as libel, slander, — says Anton Nosik. — The question is, what should be a reasonable distinction between crime prevention and normal life of society. "

The blogger believes that "society can not exist normally, if a citizen, to open his mouth to express his thoughts, it would be necessary first to go somewhere, wait queues, show your passport and obtain a certificate of permission to open his mouth."

Anton Nosik noted that access to the Internet on the passport — the know-how of its neighbors from the Republic of Belarus. "There is a campaign of intimidation works. No information about the benefits of this certification in crime prevention world experience has not given. If we start from the presumption that anyone who comes to the Internet with a criminal intent, then you just need to close the Internet. Examples of that — for example, North Korea. If we believe that we have a majority of law-abiding citizens, and there are those who bears criminal plans, law enforcement must deal with the offender. Not with all the citizens of the country immediately, "- said spout.

Ruslan Gattarov convinced that at the present time, there is public demand for regulation of the Internet — "more than 70% is generally considered that the need to censor the Internet."

But, he said, the government is not going to that. "The Federation Council did not discuss and do not plan to discuss the censorship of the Internet. But it is time to discuss that the industry itself, the very internet. Have to contend not only with pedophilia, as well as threats on the Internet, with slander, — the senator said. — Why do not you go forward and not to remove from the network wretched movie that prevents so many people? Nothing for them is not worth it, but they refuse to do it. When they do, they cause, including the state on behalf of the committees, so that they began to regulate this thing. "

Anton Nosik believes that the needs of society to impose censorship on the Net is a consequence of the "titanic work to demonize the Internet to intimidate the Internet."

He said: "Unfortunately, some of our MPs are making this heroic efforts. But if we're talking about special matters, the things that are competent professionals, then there is not quite right to refer to the results of the plebiscite. We did not conduct a survey of public opinion on how we treat certain diseases: there is a specialists. Whatever the thought 70% of the audience, we realize that the censorship of the Internet — this is nonsense, chaos and naplevatelstvo the Constitution. If we hold a referendum on the abolition of taxes, of course, in our country, taxes will be canceled. We do not hold such a referendum. What refers to the opinion of the Internet the people who in their lives have not seen. "

It is very important to see the reaction industry itself, says Gattarov. "If it goes on the path of self-regulation, then — yes. After regulating the big players, and they agree. "

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