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March 8, 2012 17:56

Wizards live nearPublisher "Veche" published a remarkable book — "100 Great phenomena." This is a collection of documentary stories about those who became famous thanks to the vagaries of fate unexpectedly endowed by their phenomenal talent. Here are a few pages of this collection.

Clairvoyants are not afraid of death

American Arthur Price Roberts childhood showed a unique ability to easily find all the missing items. Losing anything, the neighbors went to Roberts, asked Arthur to say where the missing, and there was no case that the boy was right.

Extraordinary talent Roberts revealed in full when near the city of Racine (Wisconsin) happened daring crime. Unknown attacker stunned taxi driver Fred Kores, robbed him and threw it on the highway, and the car drove away. Boucher, the owner of the company where the victim worked, appealed for help to the young clairvoyant. He said he had to concentrate.

Twenty-four hours later, he came running into the office Boucher and shouted from the doorway, "I know where to look for the robber. But we must hurry! "All three — Kores, Butcher and Roberts — Boucher got in the car and follow the instructions of the latter, went on the road in Chicago. Soon clairvoyant said: "The thief is going to meet us." And indeed, the car sped past them, the familiar Boucher and Kores.

"I know the guy behind the wheel! — Exclaimed the injured taxi driver. — That he robbed me! "

Offender was detained at the police station, he confessed.

When Arthur Pryce Roberts turned 73 years old, he told his friends: "I'm afraid this is my last birthday, which I mention in the company of close friends. It is sad, I will leave this world January 2, 1940. " Alas, that's what happened …

Memory of ancient ancestors

Learn one foreign language, as you know — is not easy, many — very complicated. And how incredibly difficult to learn the language of the "dead", in which no one is saying for a long time! But here's an amazing fact: A young resident of Anapa Natalia O. Beketov knows 120 languages! Among them are rare and ancient, such as the ancient Egyptian, Babylonian, ancient Arabic, Old Japanese, staroosmansky …

What is most striking, especially those languages she never studied. In ordinary life, Natasha Beketov is no different from their peers. Her parents were also ordinary people. After high school, she graduated from medical school — became a nurse.

One day at school in the classroom Natasha wrote a test in mathematics. Suddenly, the girl fainted. She later recalled:

"What woke up — I do not remember. But I realized that at that moment completely forgotten by the time the Russian language. But in my head surfaced dozens of other mysterious language. Almost all I'm able to write and talk. "

Most vividly her amazing talent was in Moscow, where the ability to Natasha interested scientists. They asked a girl to decipher the text on the so called Phaistos disk, discovered by archaeologists about 100 years ago in the ruins of the ancient city of Phaistos in Crete. On both sides of the stone discs have a spiral strange characters. Deciphering the scientists were long, Natasha managed to read this inscription, only several hours.

Girl and performed other tasks as related to the translation of ancient texts.

"As a result of tests, — concluded the experts — to confirm the ability of NO Beketova read and understand the ancient texts of different languages. "

Experts believe that the "test subject has a genetic memory, that is, the memory of their ancient ancestors."

One can see rightly only with the heart …

In the mid-2000s with a resident of Austin (Texas) accountant Lisa Fittipaldi misfortune. She contracted a rare disease — optic neuritis — and for six months lost my sight. Lisa now sees only the dim gray light and dimly discerns movement. But even such a light causes a headache, so it has all the time to wear dark glasses.

Losing sight, she fell into a depression. Often not even get up out of bed. In hopeless grief two years passed. But once Lisa's husband brought child watercolor …

"That day, I woke up as if from sleep, — says Lisa. — I've never painted, but decided to try. First, of course, I could not. But the more I drew, the more I liked it. "

Now her paintings — and there are more than 400 — are exhibited and sold in galleries in America, Mexico, England, France, and Italy. And the price comes to some 12 thousand dollars. Resounding success. But few admirers Lisa knows that she is blind, and guess what the labor cost her the picture.

Diagnosis by fingerprint

Unique opportunity to enjoy the Muscovite Vladimir Safonov to detect the patient sick body, he did not need to see this patient. It was enough to have his picture, handwriting sample or a fingerprint, or even just to hear his voice on the phone.

Interesting one episode of practice Safonov. Because he lived in Moscow, it was visited by a very well-known people who need help. One of them was the famous writer Yulian Semyonov, who said the following:

"Once I was hunting in the Savior Klepiki awkwardly turned in shalashike and waist entered. Neither stand nor sit, even screaming shout. I was brought home on a stretcher. Come physicians, prescription drugs, and massage. But get out of bed, I could not.

Then I was advised to go to Safonov. And even though he was engaged in private practice, he came without any preliminary analysis of the "warmed" my back with his hands and asked for a few minutes to get up. I stood up. There was no pain.

My friend came to visit me, smiled: "It's hypnosis, twenty minutes is enough." Safonov did not argue and suggested to my companion: "Stand in the corner, and I'll try to diagnose you. You know my diseases, so that the findings do themselves. "

Not approaching him, Safonov identified benign tumor, said its location and size. My friend, surprised accurate diagnosis, remained skeptical. It was only later, when Vladimir who had at my house pictures of my daughter's diagnosis, and the surgeon on the same day it operated on, he finally changed his attitude to the "phenomenon."

One friend asked Safonov diagnose picture of a man from Kiev, and after a time to thank him arrived in Moscow itself the "patient."

— Everything is correct, except for one detail — he said. — You have determined that I have hurt your hand. But this injury was my twin brother …

No sleep, no rest

It all started quite banal. In 1979, when Jacob Tsiperovich was 26 years old, his first wife because of jealousy decided to poison her husband. The attempt ended in failure — clinical death, resuscitation, almost a week in a coma. After Jacob awoke, he learned not only the world, but also himself.

— I felt a complete substitution of his thoughts — he told me. — My head was filled with the knowledge that simply could derive. It was a real waterfall some ideas clothed in poetic form, which was also for me in wonder.

At this strangeness is not over. After Jacob returned to civilian life, he found that he could not sleep. However, wanted to sleep, as it happens during the insomnia, but he could not sleep. This was not the insomnia, when a person is passive, but sleep does not come, — Jacob could not lie down.

— Imagine a toy Roly-Poly — explains Jacob. — How would Vanka may try to lay, it still is in the upright position. Exactly the situation was me. I lay on the bed, and then some strength to lift me up and sits down on the bed. As soon started oblivion, my head was heard something like a click, which brings me back to a state of wakefulness.

It was a real nightmare, and the constant struggle for the chance to forget for a moment in a dream! This did not stop a week, month, year. I was scared, because I thought that the body can not withstand this load …

Then came the turning point. Suddenly, as if by magic began arriving forces itself grow muscles, increase the weight. A feeling of great physical strength. Tsiperovich longer tired.

Once again, trying to establish the limits of their physical abilities, Jacob for nine hours with breaks to wring out 10,000 times, but the desired result — fatigue, which would help him to sleep, and has not reached.

Finally — another phenomenal feature. Meeting with friends, classmates, friends, peers, which lyseli, saddles, wrinkle, James was surprised to see that he did not change. His body as if suspended.

The first years, he traveled to hospitals in Moscow and St. Petersburg, was on inspection at the famous professors. Trying to recover from a strange "illness" psychics. All said the same thing: "You are completely healthy." Yet the phenomenon of movies shot Tsiperovich Japanese and the French, wrote the national newspapers. But it does not affect the status of James: how people have not slept for almost 20 years, and does not sleep …

Prepared by Alexei Sysoev

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