Women's response to the end of words?

Company advertising agency "Ikselent" and printing "Poliprynt" released "Modern Belarusian Calendar", where the models were made by the writer of Belarus. In a sense, a calendar, which is marked by a variety of sources and as glamorous and sexy as can be considered a response to last year's calendar, "The end the words "in which laid bare Belarusian writers. However, judging from the commercials where the work is fixed on the calendar, writers, men were more daring …

In the calendar, starring:

January — Tamara Lisitskaja
February — Vic Trenas
March — Diana Balyko
April — Elena Yarmolovich
May — Natalia Batrakova
June — Ben Light
Lipen — Olga Tarasevich
August — Olga Gapeeva
September — Olga Akulich
October — Yevgeny Pasternak
November — Valeria Koustova
December — Anna Olkhovskiy


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