Wonderland in Eye

March 25, 2012 10:34

The first reports of anomalous events in the east.

Oka River. Photo: yoga-art.ru

Kaluga region date back to the early 90-ies of XX century. If you believe then to local newspaper "Banner", the area was subjected to this invasion from the sky: the inhabitants of the largest of the villages located there saw the mysterious celestial phenomena, almost every day. They were mostly glowing balls, sometimes surrounded by a halo. One of them even at lower exploded polyhnuv green flame. Chief Economist of the local farm G.Kolpakova together with their families and neighbors for over an hour watching the who were making strange maneuvers in the night sky with two reddish rectangles.

Club manager many times seen blue opal, surrounded by a red border, and in 1975 the local calf witnessed this miracle: they went to work that morning, and came down from the sky yellow ball of light! Landed in a field, enveloped in fog and … disappeared. And after him from the sky slowly down a man. Bearded, like an icon. Women with fright ran back.

Inform villagers and other events, is quite common for typical observing UFOs

I was riding a motorcycle. Already approaching the village when hovered above me orange ball the size of a third of the terrace of my house. Quite low hanging, at the height of the tree, and I immediately stalled the bike. When the UFO departed, the bike wound up again.
One day I was walking along a path through the forest from one village to another, and in front on the ground like a cigar out of the fog lies … And my mother saw in the evening sky the ball — as bright as the sun.

Lucky cottagers and Moscow recently has bought a house here.

— In the evening I saw — from Tula Oka flies over the red ball. Will move a little bit and hang, even advance and again freezes. So did three stops, and then left in the direction of Kaluga. Watch here the strange phenomenon not only in heaven but on earth.

— I look somehow — like the neighbors barn's on fire! Ran to — near the apple tree glow like a flame. And then flies out "plate" — a large, round, and around it are many small, ring. It's like hanging on some spikes.

Strange weather here, or rather, its own microclimate. When a cyclone is everywhere pouring rain here the sun and clear. But sometimes the opposite.

And with the local people is very strange things happen.

— One day I went to meet with the children of her husband — he was on a boat to sail. The path from the village to the pier line, go all kilometer. I think it will come soon, will have to wait. But there it was! Come, come and go in another place — the farm. And so a few times. This is something in our native place, where every bump know! Glamor was gone, when I saw my husband — he was going to meet us. And we said earlier, when we went to strange circles.
Kaluzhanka, received here a garden plot near the "anomalous" clearing, told of his adventures:
— I went to collect mushrooms. Came to this clearing and stumbled several times, as if for no apparent rope snagged. But special attention is not paid for and collected mushrooms and went back. She came to the village, and it looks like something unusual. She went to the extreme house, asked the men, and they stare at me: this is another village, which is in the top ten kilometers from my garden! Home out in the heat all day was getting back! Then a neighbor told me that he, too, got to this clearing knows where.

The strange thing is that between "abnormal clearing" and finish the route of our heroine is federal highway Kaluga — Tula, asphalt is no way not to notice, and the woman claimed that she was not passed!

Interviewed witnesses showed that many unusual phenomena observed in a strip three and ten miles long, stretching from north to south and about the middle of the channel crossing the Oka. Accidentally or not, but that the river is a powerful tectonic fault, and she anomalous zone lies on the edge of the ring structure — whether ancient volcano, or a meteorite crater.

Probability calculations show that for two or three months of continuous observations in the anomalous zone to see and photograph the UFO can not simply take a picture and close-up, in addition, it is possible to get a spectrogram of the emitted light phenomena, to measure the parameters of their radio emission. And not converged pebble on some UFO — we have a strong conviction about that in the anomalous zones, like the one described (and such places, in general, is not uncommon), there is a local change in the metric of space-time, on that point directly to the very phenomenon instantaneous transfer (teleportation) of people for several kilometers. Perhaps this form repeatedly described by physicists and beat science fiction leading through the fifth dimension "wormholes", "hyperspace tunnels," allows you to make interstellar flight in seconds, and get into the past or future. All this clearly shows that such a knowledge and technology can cause a serious study of anomalous zones.

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