Yuvenalizatsiya, sodomizatsiya plus: universal chipizatsiya Russia

Foresight apocalypse: childhood-2030

Yuvenalizatsiya, sodomizatsiya plus: universal chipizatsiya nationwide

The "innovation" of the future of Russia ("Foresight Project"), which is prepared liberals, officially unveiled at the Beijing Exhibition "Expo 2010". This yuvenalizatsiya, sodomizatsiya plus: universal chipizatsiya nationwide. And the main victims should be children …
It has long been known: "Children — our future." So, what are the kids, so is the future. With this fundamental position, hardly anyone dares to argue. And at the World Exhibition of scientific achievements "Expo-2010" in the name of Russia as nearly foundations exposed exposure draft tech "cities for the children." And this is done as part of the foresight project "Childhood-2030."

Here, before proceeding, it is necessary to make some clarifications. Forsyth (from the English. Foresight — «Look into the Future") — quite common technology in the U.S. and many European countries. Its basic meaning — the mobilization of different people, organizations, the state and society to achieve some set in the decades ahead socially significant problems. So, launched in Russia April 2008 on the initiative of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation and an endowment to support youth initiatives, "My Generation" with the participation of the International Association of methodological first Russian Foresight project "Childhood 2030", it is easy to understand for children.

Well, it sounds good: children — is sacred. And if that child care offered today, in fact, as a basis for the development of the country, to be used by the state and society, it would seem, what more and wish for! But do not hurry to rejoice, fellow citizens! Speech in the Foresight project is not on measures to demographic growth. And not to resume the broken system in the reform era of Child Health Check-up with its annual free children's sports and nearly free vacation. And, especially, not a package of measures to promote moral improvement, patriotic education and intellectual and cultural growth of the younger generation.

None of the above is not even planned. The official purpose of the project is to "change the paradigm and ideology in society," because "it's time to change priorities, relevant to the topic and the problems of childhood, change existing in the public mind, but outdated position." Under the "obsolete" and "interfere with the development" of children means no more and no less, as All of the traditional approaches to the care and education of the child.

The fact that parents love their children, and that children should grow up in families that declared hopelessly outdated stereotypes. As is the fact that every child needs supervision and control of an adult. We have, say, a common discourse (focus) to "the protective" of childhood: the parents and the school, as they can, trying to protect the child from evil and false values, bad company, drugs, corruption, etc. And this, according to the authors foresight project, very bad and outdated. Here are abroad — discourse on "competence" childhood (the child has a right to "try everything" and
choose what he likes), "cool" childhood (even excel in as he wants, as long as it does not restrict the "freedom of choice") and "protective" of childhood (from the intervention of adults, always trying to disrupt their education, "children's rights"). It is this "best practices" we are invited to follow.

States that "the nuclear family" (normal) family — generally piece hopelessly outdated, and by the mid-2020s to make way for legislative equalized with her in the rights of the "new forms" of marriage — "multiple", "guest" and the other (eg "gay"), the modern families. Therefore, instead of the family (and then — and school) education is proposed that the children grew up outside the family — "in a diverse environment of different educational communities, clubs, children's organizations and others," as "in the developed countries." You are nothing like our history? Right! Similarly, the proposed act the founders of communism, and then came to power, the Bolsheviks: the abolition of "outdated bourgeois family," replacing it with erratic and diverse connections (responsibility for homosexuality Communists abolished almost immediately after coming to power), and the children after birth — the seizure and transfer to public education. In modern terms — in the "educational community."

Project to implement all of this monstrous ideology outlined beautiful and seemingly not terrible words, and consists of many sub-projects — once and can not tell what's what.
But it is a perfect illustration of openly published painted by year "Roadmap 2030", where every area of life is clearly laid out, what happens if the proposed project will be introduced innovations — a positive scenario, and if not — respectively — a negative scenario .

After reading this document, make sure once again that the implemented over the protests in the country, "the juvenile system," and programs on birth control ("Family Planning"), and introduced under the guise of fighting "child abuse" de facto ban on parenting and targeted corruption of youth, and the introduction of new attempts at school "child seksprosvescheniya" and planting as a "new normal" sexual perversion, and intrusive program called "Tolerance", and much more — all the parts of a whole: that is close (just 2030!) Reality, which is outlined in the Foresight project!
The aim of the project is not hidden: the cultivation of our children competitive human capital. As is known, in accordance with the "market" approaches, one is not seen as the purpose and meaning of social development, as "human capital" — that is, a kind of materialized value, which under the right investment can bring their owners higher profits.

Cow to doilas, to feed. The car, went to, repair and refuel. That our children, who by 2030 will be fully grown and ready for operation "human capital", it is planned properly prepare for this role. Foresight project just outlines — how to cook, and who it is.

The draft states that for 2012-2016, the share of the working population in Russia should be reduced by half compared to the year 2000 (this is directed at the program "Family Planning", the imposition of abortion, sexual abuse of young people targeted with the reorientation of it to create a family and a career, " safe sex "). Therefore, if not to attract "good workers" and not to "program of adaptation and integration," that in 2015 the crisis came, would be a "blurring of human capital, Russia will become economic dwarf."
Note: to take any action to increase the birth rate of its own population does not even offer! On the contrary, as an inevitability, it is stated that since 2014 is expected to unrestricted foreign cultural migration (the only criterion would be "quality" migration, as in the "developed world"), which will lead in 2020 to a situation where more than a third (!) Russia's population will be migrants. To neutralize all these Aboriginal grievances, emphasis authors foresight project is on the total education of "tolerance" to other people's identities.

So, according to the "road map", the year 2020 will need for the usual ("nuclear") family and family upbringing. To replace them is to come, "the diversity of life together", and the cultivation and education of children primarily in the "educational communities."

By 2025, proposed to reject the idea that "parents do not choose" and that "everyone can raise their children." Moreover, that the thesis that "parents love their children" deprecated stereotype.

Love their children now have specially trained teachers. The right to education (including children) will take away from their parents and give "educational community", and that they will raise their children "competent". In the field of parenting will be introduced "to check their knowledge and skills." Means this, that the parents, it turns out, do not have any rights to the original child and the State must still prove they have the right to bring him up.

That might seem like nonsense, if we did not know about the "juvenile system", provided by Russia in the mid-90s and directed under the pretext of "protecting the rights of the child" is the destruction of the family and the confiscation of children. The reason for this is usually "inappropriate content" and "inadequate training" — just means "irresponsible parenting."

By "improper content" refers to hard living and material conditions of the family (and by "poverty" in Russia is easy to draw a lot of families, including — virtually all large families), all "incomplete" single-parent families (eg 30%), all families where the parents at least occasionally scandals, abuse alcohol, have problems with work or habit roughly expressed, do not feed the child regularly fruit, refuse to give him vaccinations, etc. By "improper education" means any "child abuse" (slap, raised voice, loss of pocket money and any other "humiliation"), and any resulting child (while mom and dad were out trying to earn a living), bruising, poor study, pugnaciousness character, etc. — That is, almost — anything.
That is, a system of total removal of children from their transfer to the "educational community" is already in full swing created — under the supervision of an official 'top children's ombudsman "Pavel Astakhov!
An important stage in the Foresight project should be the creation of "cities, sympathetic to the children" (this project has already started) — where by "juvenile technologies" any educational influence on children from their families and the school will be kept to inimumu, and many children will be selected bodies care for "improper maintenance and education."
The next step is a practical division of society into two worlds — the "child" (which has all the rights and facilities equipped with the latest technology) and "adult" (having only duty — to establish and maintain "the world of children"). This is achieved by creating special "children's zones" in urban areas, where children can "hang out" and their own (!) Determined in the process of communication — what they do, what to learn and how to live, that is, — Choose your "life discourse." Of course, with no influence of parents, religion, national culture and traditions, no patriotic and civic education will not be tolerated — all of their attitudes child should determine the "self." More precisely — under the leadership of trained (as opposed to their own "incompetent" parents) specialists. These people are the only introduced to the world of children as "friends", will cobble together children of "community" and to teach them, for what, and how to live.

What kind of attitudes (supposedly "chosen by themselves"), they will inspire children, cut off from the influence of family, school and their own people — also, about, of course. First and foremost — a "personal success" for which you can go for everything and sacrifice everything. Secondly — the rejection of all policy guidance "obsolete" adult world, including patriotism, family values, national and religious identity, national culture, traditional morality and ethics. And, finally, all the other "adult world" (including their own parents), children will be perceived as something obsolete and hopeless, get in the way of young, from which it is necessary to get rid of as soon as possible. In addition, the imminent installation ensuring "success" is thus a fundamental rejection of the creation of their own "legacy" of the family and the desire to have children …
Thus, in the next 20-25 years (!) We need to get generation "Ivan, not their roots," is foreign to their country and to their loved ones, motivated solely in order to fit into the "world of consumption" as the most valuable (and because — well-paid) "human capital."
As a result, the history of Russia and the Russian civilization can put bold cross — in their place without any war (!) Forms suitable for "international development" promising area where the "goods" is an all — including people. But that's not all. Foresight project call "obsolete" the entire present system of education.
The first step in this direction has already been made by introducing the exam, fundamental change very understanding of what should be considered "education" and "intelligence". Henceforth The latter refers not the ability to think and analyze, learning available and create new, and only the amount of information that I was able to remember. Foresight project offers the following step: according to him, to prepare the "human capital" will be fundamentally different. Children do not need to learn foreign languages, because by 2014 become widespread Voice-translator — a portable device that allows simultaneous voice by transfer talk directly to people who speak different languages.
Children will "live in a multicultural society where there are no boundaries of language," as there is no national, religious and cultural identity. That is, the idea is to force the transition to job losses in a single time averaged "humanity" under the power of "world government" — those "masters of human capital." This is not some fantasy conspirological and quite officially published, signed by a number of famous people (including Nobel laureates) a document called the "Humanist Manifesto 2000". Who has not read — highly recommend. In essence it is a manifesto of total globalization, or, as people of faith, foretold in Revelation (Apocalypse) "kingdom of the Antichrist." And above the Foresight project and is nothing more than a program to implement the ideas of the Manifesto.
Look further, because the most "interesting" is yet to come! Already by the 2025-2030 biennium, according to the authors of the Foresight project, there will be a real revolution in education. Device will appear to download the information directly on the cortex of the human brain.

That is, the chip that will implant itself in the brain, and after it injected into the child's head huge amounts of information (I do not for a similar chip was conceived project in Skolkovo?). Two hours of "download" on the Internet — and please: Advanced math course he knows without any training. What if this "Upload" to him in the subconscious mind, along with mathematics, will know only one who "pumped." Absolute and unconditional obedience to the "owners"? Desire at all costs to betray their homeland? Purpose — for "success" is never to have children, and drive their own "inefficient" parents? All this is possible and depends on what they want to do it biorobot "owners" of their "human capital." Note that the decision whether or not to implant a chip implant, will take even "incompetent" parents, and those who at the moment is the "guardian" taken away from them "juvenile" of a child — that is, the employees themselves "educational institutions ". They will have to give consent to any actions against even temporarily subordinate children! That is, a month or two after the positive decision of the court of his temporary withdrawal of the child's parents to the shelter may well get back to the "advanced" form — that is, with a chip in his head.

Approach to training will be about the same: children can by connecting your brain chip to the Internet, to get through it all education to master any profession. Of course, this approach to the case and the complete exclusion from the process of the formation of an education and the formation lichnostishkoly and universities, according to the creators of the Foresight project, may not be necessary by 2025.
Instead of the teacher — not the curator of teacher education (of course, also with a chip implanted in the brain — then you can not take a chance!), Which assigns the task and allowing a group of children in the practical training of the solution. And so — the full "freedom of self-realization" is on a "personal success" — that will grow out of man, and grow up. And if by any chance, do not suddenly grow what you need "owners", right in the left brain chip can always sound the appropriate signal — and the "bad" biorobot simply cease to physical existence!
More — more. To 2030. plan to actively intervene in the formation of "human capital" is at the embryonic level, using genetic engineering and nanotechnology. It is assumed that by 2030 it will be possible to program the abilities and characteristics of children, and then the cultivation of small bio-robots will be put on a truly industrial scale. And their education can do … by that time nanny robots, as parents after biological birth, strictly speaking, are no longer needed …
I remember in his book about the "technotronic era" one of the most prominent theorists of the global world Brzezinski wrote about living side by side with a man "Cyborg" (to whom can be attributed biorobots chip in the brain) and "robotoidah" (humanoid robots) . Many people naively think that it is a fantasy or the prospect of a very distant future. En, no! As it turns out, it was a very specific plan to change the world and quite reasonable period of time, which establishes, in particular, the Foresight project!

There are, however, in all this is a wrong — he played on the proposed rules, the younger child should one day with horror to realize that sooner or later it will grow, and he will go to the discriminated "adult world." And then it may be caused most "seditious" ideas. But this case is coined out: Foresight project declares that everyone grows up and went into the "adult" world in different ways: one in 14 years, and someone — in 30 or even later! Thus, any modern child can up to 30 (or longer) to be a member of a privileged "children's world" (page 23 of the "Road Map"). And so at that time (20-25 years) by folding the latest social responsibilities of the state an absolute majority of today's adults can vymorit or replace semi-slaves — migrants. Which for the sake of gaining citizenship and their children "competitiveness" gladly give them to any "chipizatsiyu."

Knowing fertility and solidarity workers, there is little doubt that very soon all the "Children's Parliament" dictating to the world "adults" how to live (the creation of these "children's committees" that govern all aspects of life related to children, also provides for the Foresight project), will dominate and set the tone is THEIR "chipizirovannye" children. And those, in turn, will "steer" the very trained teachers from the "educational community" is very possible — came to Russia from the outside.

But our children are subjected to reformatting of the "new generation", completely devoid of family systems and family influence their own children hardly get themselves already. After all, for "personal success at any cost" is much more suitable "safe sex" — the optimal solution for a voluntary (or even forced, made "in the best interests of the child") sterilization. Also — are already in production and moving talking sex robot, a technology cyber-sex (to the sensitive areas of the brain are connected affecting them sensors, electrical signals can mimic any physiological sensations). Thus, stripping Russia of 90% of the population can occur without any war and maximum — for a generation, if not even earlier.

Yes, of course, some families (especially — raising children in a religious tradition, or in accordance with the national culture) will be around to resist. But such "conservatives" children just are forced to withdraw with "juvenile technologies' transfer custody of" teachers ", and then there is the decision to sterilize a child will accept it. By the way, the law of forced sterilization is ready and submitted to the State Duma. Well, as entertainment, that was not so lonely, anyone can "start a robotic child or virtual (in the computer) the child" (page 18 of the "Road Map").
I repeat: all of the above — not the fruit of painful fantasies kakih-nibud fringe, after reading conspiracy books. All this is somehow contained in the Foresight project "Childhood 2030", which was officially declared the "Expo 2010" as our program of entering into the 21st century!
Russia so earnestly demonstrated to the world its intention in the future division of labor take the place of the main manufacturer and exporter of not only raw materials, but also highly intelligent and absolutely controlled bio-robots — "human capital of the 21st century" for the needs of the "global elite" (ie holding this "capital" of the capitalists)! This, as it turns out, is the main Russian "Innovation", with which our liberals are going to provide the "competitiveness" of Russia in the new century …
Of course, I am far from a record gross villains of all, one way or another has to do with the Foresight project: many used "blind" and solving problems of a narrow circle of people still have no idea what diabolical plan they actually serve. So — diligently build beautiful scenery at "EXPO-2010", caught and information bank data on the "dysfunctional" families, participate in the creation of a "juvenile" structures to "protect children's rights."

It happens: construction workers build their own summer camp for children, rejoice. And only when the corners begin to put towers with machine guns, and on the fence allowed "thorn" with the current starting to realize that they have built, to put it mildly, not exactly what I think …
But there are those who do understand and act deliberately. Of course, these true authors of the project itself is not widely publicized, and the role of representing the interests of their office "Horns and hooves" acts … The Public Chamber of the Russian Federation, the official head is the head of the FGI "unit of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation" Alina Radchenko.

As you can see, everything — more than serious. If in the near future (planned — already this year), this project will be signed by the President and will, in fact, the basis of the official exchange rate of the country in the field of family and children, then we can say with complete certainty about the occurrence in Russia, "juvenile fascism" before which even Hitler's National Socialism (is sacrificed to delusions primarily children of others, and not its people) seem kingdom of justice and humanity.

And the last. I do not want this article to scare anyone. Even those who have hitherto puzzled with haughty looks at his protest against "juvenile system" citizens. I just want to repeat the words of Julius Fucik of his famous "Report from the noose around his neck": "People! Be careful! "Otherwise tomorrow loop may be flooded around your neck …"

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