10 years ago, the U.S. got a reason to start your own crusade against the Islamic world

Ten years ago, the U.S. got a reason to start a "crusade" against the Islamic world

It has been 10 years since the attack "terrorists" September 11, 2001 by Global Trade Centre (WTC) in New York. Despite the great efforts of a massive outreach apparatus United States and its allies, version of direct involvement in the operation of U.S. (and maybe Israeli) intelligence not only has not lost its relevance and importance, but acquired more adherents in all the continents of the planet.

After segodnyaschy war West against the Islamic world, which Putin referred to "crusade" began here then — in 2001. States with the September 11 attacks had the opportunity to strike on Afghanistan and Iraq, and virtually any Islamic country that will attract them. But the "modernization" of the Islamic world, which at the beginning of the 21st century was the main enemy of the West towards total domination of the planet, has stalled. United States, despite all its power, were unable to almost single-handedly solve a puzzle. Because this year's London and Paris began to show unprecedented agility in the process of "democratization" of the Islamic world.

Why the West operators need to "modernize" Islamic World? The answer is very normal. Qur'an. For all its shortcomings, it provides a major awareness of good and evil, of a Supreme Intelligence of the Universe, not only the life of an intelligent animal, which forms the western system of values. All other prerequisites — oil, some naughty minions, the struggle for "human rights" and so on, are not major. The issue of "king of the mountain" — full control over the land.

Naturally, it decided to attack a host of other issues. So, even far from the geopolitics of people began to realize why this amazingly organized sabotage operation was carried out in the heart of Manhattan: South American military-industrial complex, the American elite after the collapse of the Soviet Union needed a new "enemy", the terrible, bloody, and the power which would have caused no ordinary American voters no hesitation. In this role the real owners of the U.S., which can drop into place South American President at least some clown decided to appoint a terrorist group "Al-Qaeda". Its Anglo-Saxon intelligence agencies themselves did, led by Osama bin Laden, a former agent of the Central Intelligence Agency, which managed units of Mujahideen during the Soviet-Afghan war. Its not so long ago, triumphantly, "Victory", "Moor has done his job …".

It is clear that the Afghan mujahideen could not crank out a brilliant operation, not its level. Such an attack could only make a powerful intelligence agency CIA or Mossad type. Premiere performance of the newest "global threat" to the changed historical criteria prepared very carefully, with the assistance of the former curators of bin Laden's band the CIA and Pakistani intelligence, with the inclusion of "Al-Qaeda" additional HUMINT personnel from a number of Muslim countries. In principle, has no great significance, was used to Osama bin Laden or blind himself gave consent for the role in this production. Maybe this fundamental millionaire adventurer from Saudi Arabia even tried to lead the game. Its potential use for the full program there. On the planet launched a real war against "international terrorism", during which solved a number of problems: the foothold in Central Asia, piled regime spent its program from Saddam Hussein, tightened control over the South American philistine who have mastered a lot of money, forced to dance to its tune almost all countries etc.

Very fundamental result of the operation is the fact that Washington has succeeded to delay the beginning of the global financial and economic crisis for 7 years. Great resources were left to struggle against "international terrorism", the defense industry has worked to conduct several military campaigns. The U.S. is now again have to be defined: a global war or total default of the economy. Apparently, the chosen option of war, the war of the North to the South of Western civilization against the fragmented Muslim world, in which many of the political elite are on the side of the West.

As long as there is no disk imaging on who specifically in Washington gave sanction for the operation in the U.S. countryside. There is a possibility that the order was issued by U.S. Vice President Cheney feral, politician which capable of the most positive steps lurking fan of the policy of Adolf Hitler. Dick Cheney encouraged deeply patriotic task: at any cost to ensure the preservation of the status of sole superpower States, so 21 century was the "American." Establish control over foreign companies hydrocarbons Iraq, Libya and Iran, to finish the creation of the perimeter of the Russian Federation and China, U.S. military bases, remove power from the depths of peril approaching the financial and economic crisis.

And now, after CNN live, well and through other controlled, censor the media, the whole planetoid were shown fighting ability "highly secret" terrorist group "Al-Qaeda", which captured the Tipo on the terrain of the American Empire (if there are a few simple "monsters" for intelligence, counterintelligence and national security!) several passenger aircraft and sent them to the selected objects: World Trade Center, the Pentagon and the white-washed house. Scenes from the burning and falling towers of the Global Trade Center were repeated over and over again by all TV channels planets are shown in the mass print media. Impact of the unknown object, probably a cruise missile, then how justified are independent experts, has undergone the Pentagon. House of snow-white lucky: the aircraft fell to the ground in some places along the route. The official version of the attack prevented the rebels passengers, on the other — the plane was shot down by fighter-interceptor.

Operators of the "show" (not so long ago, a similar "performance" showed tipo of Tripoli) was able to achieve the desired effect: the Americans, and of the inhabitants of other countries, were shocked. Expressed their solidarity with the United States almost all countries, even Cuba, which has itself been subjected to decades of various types of terrorist attacks that have received funding of U.S. intelligence and non-hazardous operational bases in Florida.

Although trouble was short-lived, adekvatnomyslyaschie soon people began to ask questions, it was manufactured. The myth of "international terrorism" scare whole world their destructive powers. Although the "international terrorist" to refer to the United States and its NATO allies. Taking into account how much of it was destroyed, how many millions of people killed under the slogans of "human rights" and "democracy." Then, thanks to the virtual technologies of global terrorists, their organizations became more and more. On the heresy of the West, its politicians, the media says another fact — in Libya, in alliance with the West, Islamists are waging war, including those from the "Al-Qaeda".

The first major politician who dared to question the official version of the events of September 11, was the president of Venezuela. In 2003-2005, President Hugo Chavez, a couple of times to the public spoke
on the dilemma, telling the questioning the official version of white houses. In September 2006, Hugo Chavez has openly stated that conjecture, according to which the United States itself had planned and carried out this operation, "this terrible act of terrorism against its own people and people from all over the world (The WTC)", is becoming a huge force. In his view, this was made to justify the impending aggression against Iraq and Afghanistan and other possible attacks, for example on Venezuela. Chavez said of the release of journalist Carlos Cicely, supported by well-known scientists and architects. For this conjecture, the WTC skyscrapers were blown up by explosive charges previously cooked, otherwise the tower would not have fallen. In addition, Chavez announced the world that the Pentagon has not stormed the plane, because it is no debris, absolutely could not melt it. The area has been fenced off, and the pieces put together "men in civilian clothes" (most likely the security services) have been coded images from cameras where possible to see that the object that hit the Pentagon was not "Boeing".

According to one version, it was a cruise missile, which by its features like the Russian system of "Granite". If this is indeed the case, then the terrorist attack of September 11, first had and "Russian trace". One can assume that Moscow wants to blame the loss of control over their weapons, including nuclear, like "duck" Western media often trigger. After that, it was possible to raise the issue of "international control" over the Russian arsenals. Why is Snow White House did not work for such direction and refrained from the ultimatum of, is still a mystery. Maybe that played a role the then statement of Moscow's own willingness to help the U.S. in the fight against "international terrorism." Transit of military cargoes of U.S. and NATO in Central Asia was opened, Moscow to assist in the capture of Afghanistan.

At the current time first — very good from the standpoint of pragmatism — U.S. ten-year struggle with "Islamic terrorism" has ended. Washington urgently needs a new stimulus that mobilizes the Western world for new victims. Help maintain control inside the United States, where growing mood of protest against falling living standards.

Involuntarily come to mind development expert conspiracy theorists who believe that the election of Barack Obama as the first President of the United States involves a tragic death at the hands of "terrorists" or in the process megaterakta, such as the explosion of "dirty bomb." Under this deal, even a prediction of the Redskins. U.S. carriers have their own logic and chronology of actions. Maybe ready to new groups "particularly dangerous" terrorists prepared on the bases of special services of Venezuelans, Cubans or Persian, Russian and North Korean …

A war with the Islamic world is gaining momentum, Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt, Yemen, Libya has destabilized the turn Syria and Iran.

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