11 candidates waiting for registration


November 18, the Central Election Commission will award the official certificate of the presidential candidate. The highest official position of the country claimed by 11 people. But we can safely say that there will be no more than 10.

Today's meeting did not take place as usual at the Government House and the Palace of the Republic. For this reason, many observers believe — will participate in the ceremony in person Alexander Lukashenko.

Secretary of the Central Election Commission Nikolai Lozovik said that no extraordinary event has not happened yet. This effectively means that in addition to the Vitebsk entrepreneur Vladimir Pravalski that does not have the necessary 100,000 signatures quality, the remaining candidates will be registered. But even if at the last moment the company Mr. Pravalski part of someone else of the contenders in the history of the Belarusian elections all the same will be recorded record.

Never before have so many applicants did not gain more than 100,000 signatures and the authenticity of which would confirm the commission, said the chairman of the CEC Lidiya Yarmoshyna:

"If we take the election of 1994, and then had the maximum number of potential candidates, seven people were able to collect more than 100,000 signatures. Then register the six. When we take 2001, four presidential candidates have been registered on the basis of the collection of signatures. Also, as in the in 2001, it was in 2006. "

Among those who are going to the Palace of the Republic, and the politician Statkevich. He said, "Freedom", which would go there "with a complex mood":

"There is a pleasant side. This is something that the party had almost six years have deprived registration, membership of which give rise to two years in prison, was able to collect a number of signatures. Nice to something, and probably for the whole party, that, notwithstanding the prisoners, prison sentences, criminal cases, I get the status of an official presidential candidate. "

But on the other hand, Mr. Statkevich and there is a reason for a bad mood, he admits presidential candidate:

"The opposition has not agreed. And we have instead of a punch can blow your fingers, if not worse. And second, it is obvious, based on the formation of election commissions, the election will not be back. Will their imitation, farce, drama. And all of us, the alternative candidate destined role of jesters, clowns in this farce. should think how to be this situation. That's my sophisticated mood. "

Today, the Central Election Commission will hold a draw for the speeches of the presidential candidates on television and radio. They will be held from November 22 to December 3.

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