220 years ago Olonets governor Derzhavin did police report on UFO sightings

November 10, 2012 5:25

Karelian known historian Michael Dancoff granted for publication online magazine "Republic" a painted picture of a mysterious celestial phenomenon that occurred in Olonets province in the 80 years of the XVIII century.

According to him, about ten years ago, in 2003, working in the Department of Manuscripts of the Russian National Library of St. Petersburg in the funds of the great Russian poet and Olonets governor Gavrila Derzhavin, among the papers of XXI volumes dating from the years 1782 and 1785, he found two phenomenal document. First, it does not have the date of the report to the provincial board Vytegorsk Captain police officer (city Vytegra, now part of the Vologda region, was then the chief city of Olonets province).

The head of the local police informed the governor that the subordinate district on April 10 Belozersky churchyard unknown, about 1 hour and 10 minutes the night "had a vision of the four bars and four suns … Intermedia east (sunrise) appeared with the big bands of the present evening sun and the smaller two circles even vanishing, three at the bottom of the sun mean sun … in a circle Polunev (?) the sun. "

"To my luck, — says Mikhail, — this muddled description was also the second attached document — diligent color inks drawing on a piece of celestial phenomena than" Alexandrian "paper about modern A3. Unknown author portrayed indescribably marvelous picture of several interlocking ellipses in the sky rainbow, sun, round and triangular tubes emitting rays. In this case, the ellipses were not bright, and special palette — blue-yellow-red-green. Frankly, I was shocked to realize that in my hand — a sensation. Image of vision as I could copied.

Upon returning home, I put a note about it in the newspaper "Petrozavodsk", I got a call about this one ufologist from St. Petersburg, asked, specify. On this, as they say, all the hype is over. True, familiar then I was told that the alleged "in the area under Vytegra, constantly monitor such events, which are attributed to the next launch rockets from the Plesetsk cosmodrome." But which missiles could be during Derzhavin? "

There's no doubt Michael Dancoff: Olonets governor with the news of Vytegra vision examined, because he was a lover of the ordinary. It is not by chance that in 1784 Derzhavin ode "God" came the line: "As sparks rained, seek, as suns are born of thee …" In reading the ode sometimes it seems that the poet, a deeply religious man, was fascinated and inspired by some heavenly divine sign.

"Since the discovery of the Fund Derzhavin been almost ten years, a sort of anniversary. Sorry if this story is at the intersection of ufology and poetry will sink into oblivion archive. Taking advantage of the Internet, it would be with the "Republic" to re-awaken to the subject public attention, to hear the comments of experts, ufologists, invited to discuss all relevant information and having parties, including vytegortsev and Vologda. How, I wonder, things they now do with unidentified flying objects and celestial visions? "- Shared historian.

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